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  1. mat

    The Bitcoin thread

    Bitcoin Remains at $6,300 as Crypto Market Gains Stability amid Low Volumes. Bitcoin price has dropped slightly by 1 percent over the past 24 hours, declining below $6,400. Bitcoin recorded a daily volume of around $3 billion while Ethereum struggled to see a volume of over $1 billion. Bitcoin has tumbled below $6000.
  2. mat

    Bitcoin Gold is a scam

    Which is this matter? Is Bitcoin gold is really a scam?
  3. mat

    Is Bitcoin Really All That???

    I do not invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies ever. And I also don't want to invest in them.
  4. mat

    Would You Recommend Bitcoin?

    Yeah, you are right @Phatphil. "I think this is a technology that a modern investor must be aware of". I also not recomending cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to anyone to invest in it. I know this is the modern way of investment yet for some people. But whose didn't understand cryptocurrencies, its anything for them, maybe it's just a topic of gossip for them. Isn't it.
  5. You can also check the Cryptocurrency prices and the latest news on Crypto News Trends.
  6. mat

    The Bitcoin thread

    Bitcoin's price is again in the loss today at $8927 with -5.37% loss.
  7. mat

    The Bitcoin thread

    Bitcoin's price is again in the loss today at $8927 with -5.37% loss.
  8. mat


    Well, Bitcoin is on the way slowly finally. It came back on the track of $8k.
  9. mat

    Keep yourself updated with the Bitcoin rates

    Cryptocompare and CryptoNewsTrends are the best sites to keep yourself updated with bitcoin rates.
  10. mat

    The Bitcoin thread

    Wow!!! NIce stuff. Thank you for sharing info about Bitcoin.