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  1. Trading around 20c. Was 5c a few days ago. A take-over or cash injection is in the offing. Traded over R0.5m today.

    (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)
    (Registration number 2013/205899/06)
    (?the Company?)
    ISIN Code: ZAE000222949 JSE Code: PEM

                                 CAUTIONARY ANNOUNCEMENT

    Shareholders are advised that the Company has received two formal offers for an equity
    investment to fund the growth and expansion aspirations of the Company, and/or a
    convertible loan both containing a commitment to raise additional property funding (?the
    Offers?). The Company has also been approached by a number of other parties with
    whom discussions are in different stages.

    The board of directors will consider the Offers in the following week, after which a further
    announcement will be made.

    The outcome of the aforementioned Offers and/or discussions may have a material effect
    on the price of the Company?s securities. Accordingly, shareholders are advised to
    exercise caution when dealing in the Company?s securities until a further announcement
    is made.

    19 July 2019

  2. 7 hours ago, Groovy said:

    Pembury shady management back on their BS. I've just seen this sens, thought I'd give anyone still holding a heads up if you missed the sens. 



    GEN - General- Late Submissions of
    Provisional Financial Statements:
    GEN – Multiple Issuers
    GEN - General- Late Submissions of
    Provisional Financial Statements
    ISIN CODE: MU0548S00000
    LIMITED                    ALPHA
    ISIN CODE: ZAE000222949
    The Johannesburg Stock Exchange
    (“JSE”) wishes to advise that the
    above mentioned companies’
    have failed to submit their
    provisional reports within the three-
    month period stipulated in the JSE's
    Listings Requirements.
    Accordingly, the companies’ listings
    on the JSE trading system have been
    annotated with a "RE" to
    indicate that they have failed to
    submit their provisional reports
    timeously and that the listing of
    these companies’ securities is under
    threat of suspension and possible
    If the abovementioned companies’
    still fail to submit their
    provisional reports on or before 30
    2019, then their listings may be
    This announcement has been placed by
    the JSE in the interest of
    16 April 2019

    Looks like deja vu.

  3. On ‎3‎/‎27‎/‎2019 at 7:34 AM, Groovy said:

    Conduct of management is what's made me lose interest the most, i don't trust them with their lack of communication with small shareholders. The education and retirement business is what made me love this company but management is messing up. A company like PSG would never go into the retirement homes business if there was no money to be made there, there's money there. Pembury was there first and so far they haven't delivered. With the schools side, I don't expect much growth, i don't see how they can be immune from what's hit Curro and Advtech, so I understand. 

    The education system seems to be going through changes. There is a trend towards home schooling and small colleges in some sectors of the community, away from the formal uniform wearing "conventional" schools. Teacher education is in a bad shape and the quality of teachers seems to be deteriorating. The discipline in the conventional schools is going from bad to worse. Yes the private school system is facing an uncertain future but it seems to be a better bet than the state schools and even the old model "C" schools which are going the same way as the majority. Affordability of the private schools is a problem especially in the light of the current low economic activity prevalent in the country. Pembury claim to be more affordable than the groups mentioned above. As far as retirement homes are concerned I have noticed a trend for emigrated children to arrange for their aged parents to join them overseas thus reducing the pool of tenants for these homes. Time will tell what happens to this share.

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  4. Am holding on and will do so until the position becomes clearer.

    Share is in a good market area, education and retirement villages. Downside is the conduct of management.

    Volumes of shares are being traded at very low prices. As is often the case it may be that someone knows what is going on and is taking advantage of the low share price. Have to see what the annual results reveal but I still think that it will pay off in the long term. Now is the time is to buy if you are confident in the future of the group.

  5. Not too much negativity so far and some trading interest although movement at the low current value gives large percentage swings . Seems like the plunge to 1c is not on the cards at present. Some good news regarding acquisitions will help to spur an upward climb in the new year. Too early to call so I am holding on at the moment - not buying or selling.

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  6. An upturn in the industrial sector next year should precipitate a further upward movement of the share price. AM has been strengthened financially by the sale of the interest in Macsteel and should be in a position to take advantage of an increase in local demand for steel products.

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  7. 20 hours ago, SB45 said:

    Closed at 20c, 60% down...I hope you sold some Red, you can always re-enter at a lower price later on at 1c :classic_tongue:

    Thanks SB45.  Like YoungInvestor,  I am in this for the long term. If it did drop further I would have bought some more. As long as the business is a going concern there is a strong likelihood of a steady growth. Next year should be telling.

  8. Presumably the request has been made together with supporting documentation for the suspension to be lifted and the decision is in the hands of the JSE.

    Should the share price drop dramatically there will be a few eager buyers at bargain prices because it appears the equity holdings are substantial. Wait and see what happens. Should be interesting.

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