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    Thanks for this @SlimArchi Sorry if this is a bit of a thread necro. Is there anybody out there that could explain the figures for tax liability with a practical example of say the following scenario in a tax year: I earn ZAR 1 million from my normal salary. (Number chosen just for ease of calculation, I wish I made that Further, I earn ZAR 800k from US domiciled etf dividends (from let's say SPYD,VOO,SPHD,etc) and another 200k from REITs, (thus together totaling another ZAR 1 million). (From what I understand and have seen, because the US has a tax treaty with SA, withholding tax is calculated at 15% by the US broker and withheld from the dividend payout to your brokerage account) Thanks
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    Agreed. SYG4IR invests in companies like Tesla, that has never had a profitable year and constantly loses money, but is growing at an amazing rate due to massive investment in the company. It may be true that it is not sound to invest in companies that are making a loss, but the growth potential here is phenomenal, and if Tesla becomes profitable one day, it may become the world's No. 1 company. I guess as long as this type of ETF doesn't make up the bulk of one's portfolio, or unless you have discretionary funds that you are willing to expose to some risk, it's definitely worth having some, in my opinion.
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    He's probably right but who cares - it's making me money
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    So let's see: TFSA +28% ETF5IT (42%) ASHGEQ (55%) STXEMG (3%) The growth here was helped by timing the crash and dip earlier this year and time. Portfolio #1 +8% SYGWD (27%) SYG4IR (42%) STXCHN (31%) Portfolio was started after the crash, so gains are partly due to the recovery (maybe?) and the recent growth we've seen over the last week. Portfolio #2 +77% ETFRHO (95%) DCX10 (5%) Ah yes, portfolio 2. Otherwise known as my **** around portfolio. Growth is largely from past performance of ETFRHO and it's been stuck in the +70 range for a while. I reckon the party is over but scared of capital gains.
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    So this year, the markets have gone crazy, but not altogether bad from an ETF point of view. However, the more the markets do wild things, the more I've been inclined to go for vanilla ETFs. I think I've only made one or two big changes since last year, namely selling my Coreshare's SMART ETF in favour of the Satrix Top 40, and then reducing my allocation of property (CSPROP) from 25% to 15% (I didn't sell - I'm just not buying at the moment until it's less than 15% of my total portfolio.) I used the extra 10% allocation from property to buy Satrix Nasdaq (STXNDQ). So at the moment, most ETFs are doing really well, especially the foreign ones. My Tax Free investment portfolio and it's performance (total return) looks as follows: Local ETFs (Total 45%): 10% Satrix Top 40 (STX40) - Performance in my portfolio: +0% 10% Newfunds Momentum (NFEMOM) - Performance: +7% 10% Satrix Quality (STXQUA) - Performance: -10% (Even though this is currently down, I don't want to sell this because I love the shares in this basket and see long term potential.) 15% Coreshares Property (CSPROP) - Performance: -22% (Would be much worse if not for the massive dividends). Foreign ETFs (Total 55%): 25% Ashburton Global 1200 (ASHGEQ) - Performance: +22% 10% Satrix Emerging Markets (STXEMG) - Performance: +27% 10% Satrix Nasdaq (STXNDQ) - Performance: +44% 10% Sygnia 4th Industrial Revolution (SYG4IR) - Performance: +51% ( I know Simon Brown always slams this one as just being popular rather than having actual merit, but it's been my best performing ETF and continues to perform, despite the measly dividends. I don't think I'd be comfortable with it being more than 10% of my portfolio though.) Things that I've noticed that have happened in my portfolio this year: Foreign markets have vastly outperformed local markets this year. Emerging market are outperforming developed markets this year, despite COVID (to be expected in the long term, but surprising given the current pandemic.) Tech ETFs are outperforming everything else by far. Changes that I'm going to make: I'm going to buy some Satrix China (STXCHN) after its launch tomorrow, but I don't think I'll put it in my TFIA, as it would go against my diversification policy within my TFIA. But I'm definitely going to buy a fair amount of this ETF outside of my TFIA.
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