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    Just a quick take on the AGM yesterday. The AGM took place in a restaurant in Randburg, not really a conferencing setting, not well attended I would say. The place was noisy, restaurant staff moving and chatting, trucks passing by, one could hardly hear the topics discussed & answers given (1st half). Quite poor from my perspective. We could have even used one of their school halls to be honest, with a microphone and a speaker, they are a start up after all. No need to go fancy, but the quality could have been better. Questions asked for for me were not answered in a satisfactory and comforting manner. Issues of liquidity for example, as stated in the reports that the “going concern” topic is an issue.....Management + Directors could not answer how long the company will be able to go on with the cash they have in the bank or that they generate. In my books they are in over their heads. Concerning to me me was also the topic of the suspension, Management and directors do not know when the suspension will be lifted. When I called last week, I was told this any time this week, but did not happen. Why concerning ? Well the CEO indicated they are not able to continue with the schools expansions due to the fact that they cannot raise capital as a result of this suspension. Then they shift the blame....it’s up to the JSE when the suspension will be lifted. They further more placed the blame on the previous Finance person that they appointed for the delay in results, trying to give comfort with the fact that the person is no longer with the company. In my books they didn’t take accountability at all. In in terms of regulatory understanding....zero....willingness to get up to speed, I did not see it. Shareholders in this company are taken for ****. Rookie mistakes point me to this conclusion. PEM is a great idea, with potential but being run by incapable management. I will salvage what I can if trading resumes....much more better opportunities in the market. One cent is coming for this one. Too many wrongs and they don’t know how to fix it and not willing to get help to do so.
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    Service/Product Description: Freepaid’s API provides seamless, real time access to a wide range of pinned and pinless prepaid products at our transparent, competitive prices. This state-of-the-art programming interface does all the heavy lifting for you. It puts the programming power into your hands, freeing you to put your energy into your own development. You can order PINLESS airtime (direct recharge) or data through this API or you can order a PINNED airtime voucher which is sent to you in the form of a PIN number. Location: 301 Building Three, Tygervalley Chambers, Willie Van Schoor Drive, Bellville, Western Cape About us: Freepaid has been providing state-of-the-art Airtime solutions to innovative South African businesses, large and small, since 2007. Links (optional): Our API https://freepaid.co.za/airtime-api.php
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    TymeCoach lets you see your credit score for free.
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    Day 7 of the trial played out this morning in Cape Town. The effectiveness of the security at the De Zalze estate still receiving a lot of fire from the defence. It was an exceptionally long day in court so bear with me as I try and recap it for you as accurately as possible. The day started with witness number 80 on the list. Marcia Rossouw, security manager at De Zalze. She took over as manager in 2014 and made several improvements whilst working there, such as upgrading the electric fence. She says the additional cameras that were installed was not as a result of the murders. At the time of the murders, there were optic cameras at all the gates and at other strategic points. There is an optic camera where the river enters the estate, there are also beams and the thermal cameras which have been discussed by Mr Afrika. There are two security routes, one that happens within the estate and one that runs along the perimeter. The report from that night shows that all the patrols happened on schedule. Rossouw said that once the system is triggered someone would need to go out and resolve the issue for it to be deactivated. The Van Breda home is in the middle of the estate with a 2-kilometre distance from where the river enters the estate to their home. The airfield gate is 1 kilometre away. Rossouw says when she heard of the incident she requested that the fence is inspected thoroughly for any entry point, and the check the system for any activations and to look at the camera reports. The four incidents that were reported was followed up on and was apparently a power drop. There were no discrepancies in any of the 18 cards that were used to enter and exit at the gates (as sometimes homeowners would lend their cards to others) Rossouw echoes all the previous security witnesses that there were no incidents or anything suspicious that night. Advocate Botha then questioned Rossouw and said that there would need to be a light on for the cameras to pick up anyone on its footage. Rossouw retorted and said that there were lights with the cameras except for the Eskom gate camera. Botha asked about the anti-dig by the fence and says that there are various areas that do not have it. Rossouw responded and said that it is still like that. Judge Desai asked if it would be possible to dig a tunnel underneath. Rossouw said that there would have been evidence of this, no footprints, damage or wires being cut. Advocate Botha said that he planned on showing the court how rocks can be used to cover up such an entry through the fence. (Whether he means under or literally through, I am not certain) There is a report that points out various errors in security, especially with the cameras. Spotlights and a security guard were recommended for the fence around where the river enters the estate. Rossouw says that these were not in place in 2015, only an optic camera. Botha then said that one point while he was visiting the estate there was an unmarked vehicle with a member of the press taking pictures of the home. They had gained entry under the pretence of going to the Klein Zalze restaurant. The bridge from Klein Zalze to the estate did not have access control. Botha said that on the report there were more than four "alarm ons" and whether Rossouw had seen this. She said she had. At 1:08 there was an alarm activated. Rossouw says fences are activated when they get tested, these get logged as such. But Rossouw also said that she did not check personally that these were indeed fence tests. The next day the alarms were said to have been a result of the power dip. There are two different alarms, one alerts the controllers and the other caused by the dip in power, and responders would not be sent out then. Botha then referred to an old attempt at entry into the estate and Rossouw said that those people did not gain entry and that the security was very quick to respond. The court is adjourned until tomorrow.
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    I cannot find the twitter account of Anthony Clark anymore?
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    By way of an update market is now talking Block chain 3.0 some interesting startups in the space Stackr (https://www.gostackr.com/) What happens to your Crypto when you die ??? Stackr allows you to designate beneficiaries to receive your assets without going through a possibly lengthy and expensive probate process and estate taxes. In many jurisdictions, moving assets between crypto and traditional investments can trigger unnecessary taxable events. Stackr can be isolated from such events due to the trust structure, which means that it is only when you really need your money and remove it from the trust that you might pay any tax. Stackr is a secure long-term crypto and US$ savings solution that cuts out the middleman. Combining traditional finance with modern-day financial technology & expertise has enabled Stackr to pioneer this innovative, secure and flexible savings solution for the blockchain community. (These are South Africans that run a very cool shop !) Celsius Network (https://celsius.network/) Celsius is banking on the blockchain. Its borrowing and lending platform will allow users to earn up to 5% interest on their crypto while taking loans at 9% interest, using their crypto as collateral. Celsius Network’s goal is to bring the next 100 million people into crypto, ultimately becoming the first killer app in the space. Risky or not, this is one to keep an eye on. This FinTech startup is primed to disrupt traditional banking. Gameflip (https://gameflip.com/flp) is an online marketplace backed by Silicon Valley venture capital. It allows gamers to transact any type of digital goods, and currently has 3 million members. After successfully hitting its token-sale hard cap, the FLP utility token can now be used to transact digital goods within the Gameflip marketplace. In the coming months, pilot program partners and publishers will begin integrating the Gameflip SDK, which will enable the transactions of approved in-game goods via the Blockchain. (Basically trading gaming stuff...wow) ADBIT The ADBIT token will be the core function of CIINCH Media Marketplace, the world’s first blockchain-powered media planning and buying platform for traditional media (print, TV, radio and out-of-home) assets. CIINCH and ADBIT were created to help automate the multiple layers of manual processes that currently plague the industry. Traditional media has failed to innovate and adapt to the current state of our age. Highly fragmented and operating on legacy software developed in the 1990's, ADBIT and CIINCH aim to bring these processes into the present. (Here we are trading media space....trade everything !!! )
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    Absa is listing two NewFunds ETFs on the JSE: The NewFunds Low Volatility Equity ETF, which is made up of stocks that are considered to be more stable over time, and the NewFunds Value Equity ETF, which is made up of stocks that are considered 'cheap' or undervalued.
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    Thanks for that. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    I've just set my future TFIA payments for the year, and my R33000 per year split (R2750 p.m., although I'm hoping it will increase from March) will be as follows: Local (37.5%) STXIND: 12.5% STXQUA: 12.5% CTOP50: 12.5% Offshore (62.5%) STXEMG: 19.0% ASHGEQ: 18.5% GLPROP: 12.5% SYG4IR: 12.5% My rationale is as follows: I went only 37.5% in local ETFs as my stocks portfolio is mainly in local shares, and over 25 years, I like the diversification of global markets. STXIND: It excludes banks and mines, so is largely unaffected by the Rand value or political noise. It performs purely on the value of its companies. Also, it's been the top ETF averaged over 10 years, and I don't see any reason for it to be any different in the future. STXQUA: A new ETF. Great companies, chosen for quality rather than market cap. High dividends as well as growth, so the upward trend should remain constant, ever in a bear market. Might underperform the T40 in a prolonged bull market run though, since it focuses more on dividends than growth, but should outperform the T40 in a fluctuating market. Still, so far, since inception, it has outperformed T40 on growth too, so I'm not complaining! CTOP50: Companies chosen for market cap (long term stability) as the third prong of my local shares balance. Since I have STXIND, I did not want to duplicate my massive exposure in the top 5 like Naspers by having STX40 as well, so I went for a more equally weighted ETF here to balance out the INDI. I don't like the strictly equal weight ETFs like CSEW40 because they lose out on extended bull runs because companies in these ETFs are not allowed to exceed 2.5% even if the share sky-rockets by 1000%, but this one (CTOP50) has more flexibility than strict equal weight ETFS while minimizing any risk. STXEMG: I think emerging markets will outperform developed markets in the next 10 years. Hence the highest allocation to this ETF. ASHGEQ: ASHGEQ rather than S&P500, because there's too much instability in the US at the moment. I'm worried about Trump and the political situation with North Korea. ASHGEQ may slightly underperform the S&P500 (or it may do better), but at least my money's safe! GLPROP: Had to have some property... SYG4IR: My high-risk ETF. It may never take off, or it has the potential to sky-rocket. This is my 12.5% gamble that may lose me 12.5% or may make me very rich! :-)
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    Bandit is the expert on ETFs here, so I would wait for his comments before taking any action, but my immediate observations are: 1) Ashburton Top 40 is the exact same index as Satrix Top 40, but with lower fees, so I'd definitely recommend going Ashburton rather than Satrix for this one if you choose a Top 40 Index. But... 2) CTOP50 has much lower Naspers exposure than either Top 40 index, so if you're doing INDI also, then you have so much Naspers exposure (INDI is 40% Naspers), that either Satrix or Ashburton Top 40 (which are both also 20% Naspers) would be almost be duplication and put tons of risk in one company and you're at risk of a Steinhoff type collapse of a large chunk of your investment if something goes wrong with Naspers. If you're going to keep INDI, then I'd definitely go for CTOP50 rather than either Ashburton Top 40 or Satrix Top 40. Without INDI, I'd go for Ashburton Top 40. 3) Since you don't have mid-cap in your investment, CTOP50 is also better than a Top40 index, since it has some mid-cap exposure as well. 4) If you have STXWDM or ASHGEQ, then S&P is duplication. Remember, however, that you can only trade within the TFIA, and can't withdraw and then deposit again, so be careful if you sell S&P that the money doesn't get paid out to you but gets reinvested right away. 5) STXWDM is 60% US markets, whereas ASHGEQ is much more balanced globally, so you should decide on whether you think US will outperform the rest of the world under Trump before deciding on which of these two to buy. ;-) 6) Just out of interest, why NFTRCI? This is very low risk and will give you an almost guaranteed 6-7% return, even in a bear market, but certainly no higher. I'm not saying it's bad as part of your portfolio - if the JSE crashes, this one will probably be the best to have, but I'm just wondering if you have a bleak outlook on the economy this coming year? This one can sometimes be frustrating as it will take you over three months just to recover your fees, due to its straight line 0.5% per month return. I bought it once and regretted it and sold it after a few months for a few cents above what I bought it for. 7) For your local mix, also have a look at STXQUA (Satrix Quality Portfolio) which has done remarkable well since its inception compared to the other indices, and is a different basket of companies from the above, chosen on performance rather than market capitalization. 8) In general, Satrix is expensive with fees compared to others such as Ashburton or Sygnia. If you decide to go for STXWDM rather than ASHGEQ, then have a look at SYGWD as a cheaper alternative. Overall, though, it looks good. With your preferences I'd go for: Local: CTOP50 STXIND (And maybe STXQUA also with your mix to balance performance and market cap.) Global: ASHGEQ (or STXWDM or SYGWD) STXEMG GLPROP SYG4IR That's my 2c...
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    I like ClearScore. It's free and you get your credit record/score every month - not once a year like the others.
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    just tried with clearscore.co.za - I have never done one before. Got 680/705. Probably worth doing once in a while to make sure there are no issues with ID theft ect.
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    The difference between ETFs and stocks is volatility. ETFs will roughly follow (or slightly outperform perhaps) the market/sector average, but stocks have more volatility, so there is potential for good growth if one stock jumps. However, the more your stocks are diversified, the less effect a good stock will have on your bottom line and the closer you will be to the market average. (Obviously you also want to have enough to minimize risk). For example, you have R50,000 to spend and you buy 5 stocks at R10,000 each. Four mimic the market and return 20% in the first year and one has a freak 100% return. You have made R18,000 profit. But if you had used your R50,000 to buy 20 stocks of R2,500 each, and 19 mimic the market (20%) and there's the one freak 100% return. You only make R14,750 profit. Thus, the more diversified, the less effect a good stock has on your profit. There is an exponential decrease in risk as the number of stocks increase. Past a certain point (20 shares), even doubling your number of stocks to 40 only decreases risk by than less than 1%, but you have lost your overall volatility. Above 20 stocks and you're better off doing only ETFs, since statistically, your portfolio will exactly mimic the market, and ETFs slightly outperform the market average. Therefore, roughly 10 - 15 stocks is the perfect mix between risk and volatility for buy & hold investing, or even less (maybe 10 stocks) if you have a couple of ETFs as well to balance out the risk. I'm slightly older and closer to retirement than many investors on this forum, so I prefer less risk (and less volatility), and thus have more stocks in my portfolio. Thus, I have 40% of my total portfolio in 10 ETFs and 60% of my portfolio in 15 stocks.
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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are two of the biggest shopping events of the year, and on November 24, the world will be ready to shop. Please use this thread to post Black Friday deals, let's pick up some bargains together. What stores are doing Black Friday 2017? I will update this thread with the shops that are participating in Black Friday 2017. Please post shops as you discover them and I will add them to the list. 1. Game https://Game.co.za 2. Wootware https://Wootware.co.za 3. Checkers https://www.checkers.co.za/black-friday.html 4. Travelstart http://www.travelstart.co.za/lp/promotions/black-friday 5. Chain Reaction Cycles (Chain Reactions Cycles is running 4 weeks of Black Friday deals, with discounts on bicycles and clothing.) 6. Zando (Zando confirmed it will launch a Black Friday sale this year, offering discounts on clothing.) 7. Spree (Spree is giving away R100,000 in Black Friday Vouchers through OneDayOnly.) 8. Syntech (You can expect great deals on PC products, gadgets, and other goods from Syntech on Black Friday.) 9. Standard Bank (Standard Bank Business will offer South Africans something special on Black Friday.) 10. PriceCheck (PriceCheck will offer deals in 24 categories for 24 hours.) 11. MTN South Africa (MTN will hold “exclusive deals that will make lives even brighter this summer”.) 12. Loot (South Africans can look forward to great Black Friday deals from the shop.) 13. The Digital Experience (The Digital Experience will slash prices on a range of technology products and appliances.) 14. OneDayOnly (OneDayOnly will have a large offering of products at incredible discounts.) 15. eBucks (eBucks plans to give members great value by offering a 50% discount on its products.) 16. iStore (If you love Apple products, you do not want to miss its Black Friday deals.) 17. MultiChoice and DStv (MultiChoice will offer “fantastic” specials, and encourages people to keep an eye on its website on 23 November.) 18. Raru (Raru will offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, with unique, attractive offerings.) 19. Takealot (Takealot’s 2017 Blue Dot Sale will run across every department of the online store, offering all the best Black Friday deals in one place.) 20. Dion Wired (Dion Wired will offer great discounts on a wide range of tech and other products.) 21. Makro (Expect excellent deals on tech products, gadgets, and other goods from Makro.) 22. Vodacom 23. CapeRiverStone - boulders, stones and peach pips (https://www.caperiverstone.co.za/) This post also serves as a reminder to please save up right now and at the end of October, because you might be able to pick up appliances you wanted to buy for a while at a great discount, appliances that were too expensive at the time. We are all money conscious members, that is why we are a part of this great forum, so let's take a collective advantage and sniff out good deals together.
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    Disclaimer: this should not be taken as advice but seen merely a possible guideline/strategy to be researched further by yourself We see a lot of questions on forums about how to start investing, what to invest in and it is almost always met by a miriad of answers. From hiding the money under your bed, to using your TFSA to save for a car to FOREX. Truth is, before you invest even one cent there are a bunch of boring and possibly time consuming stuff you should take care of, and this is definitly not what most want to hear. Investing in shares and "playing the stock market" is the last thing on the list to do and it is a very broad subject within itself. Anyway, here are a few things you should consider doing: 1. First Pay of your bad debt. We're not talking cars or homeloans but rather credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans. 2. Then Get insurance. This includes stuff like income protection to make sure you still have a salary if you should lose the ability to work. 3. Build up an emergency fund. You should build up a large enough fund so that you can live of it and cover all your monthly expenses for 5-6 months. You can save this money in a 32 day account or something similar that gives you fairly easy access to it, but still gives you a reasonable interest rate (you want to try to keep up with inflation at the very least) 4. Now you can invest and at this point it is probably best to go see a financial advisor (make sure they are registered: http://www.fpi.co.za/FPI_Consumers/Find_A_Financial_Planner_Basic.aspx). You don't have to follow their advise but they do know a lot more about this stuff than most so it's worth meeting one regardless.
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    Basically, they have had to restate figures as their previous figures are crap. Really bad, should be sanctioned IMO. Plus, obviously, some sellers knew.
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    This tickled me, why not send a fax by post?
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    And it's up again. Whew, I was worried there. Thanks for the guide by the way!
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    So second day..... For those that trade, the crypto exchanges are open 24/7 - even fx shuts on weekends! Spikes are MASSIVE. To give you an idea - bought BURST yesterday, kept on going down, little by little for a whole day - was over 20% down in 24 hrs. leveled ou after lunch but still a good 16% down for the afternoon. Then 1 hour ago it spiked - and am now 16% in the green. That's a huge turnaround. Sorry, before I hit send - now up 24% Crazy - not sure how i am going to be trading this...trying to formulate a plan
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    The problem with investing in the stock market is not knowing which shares to buy and when to buy them. With ShareFriend this problem is solved by ensuring you are able to choose winning shares and time your transactions for the best profit. http://www.pdsnet.co.za/index.php/sharefriend-pro-technical-analysis-charting-software/
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    Apparently Die Burger has a speculative article in today's edition? Apart from that it was a pretty boring day in the trial, just further notes about the security of the home. Advocate Botha said that blood drops were found on the wall of the adjacent house, there are no burglar bars and the gate at one end could easily be scaled. Court is adjourned till next week Tuesday. 2nd May. Sent from my SM-N930F using the Platinum Wealth app
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    I would wait for it to hit the 36,000 mark before buying. Check out my analysis when it goes up
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    The are only three reasons I can think of how this could happen: 1) China starts creating another economic bubble, which requires huge amount of mineral resources from us to buy 2) South Africa economy actually starts exporting more goods and services (lol) than it imports 3) USA economy does something weird Nr 1 above is the only likely scenario, so how possible that is in the next five years is difficult to say. You will have to start monitoring China's economy outputs and their supposedly economy strategy/goals for the next 5 years to have a good "feel" if the ZAR will strengthen to 1USD and below.
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