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    Desperately looking for a pair of Galaxy buds. Hauwei Freebuds Lite are on sale but would prefer Galaxy Buds if there is a good deal.
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    Yeah, to drop 10k on a phone seems a bit extreme.
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    A thread on the The money challenge #2019MoneyChallenge Here’s how it works Months are assigned a number from 1-12 Jan = 1 Feb= 2 Mar= 3 And so on to Dec = 12 We then have a multiplier lets 2 and an example. how this then works is you multiply the multiplier by the months’s respective value i.e 2 in the case of Feb. So Feb would be 2 * 2, then you multiply the results by Rands you want to start with, could be for now lets use R100. So in total you would have Jan = (1 * 2) * R100= R200 Feb = (2*2) * R100 = R400 Mar = (3*2)* R100 = 600 And so on till Dec = (12*2)*R100= R2400 In total you would then save R15600 over the 12 months Whats cool about this is you can change the “Rands” value and the “multiplier” value to suit your goals and afffordability Examples Multiplier = 0.5 Rands= 50 Jan = (1 * 0.5) *R50 = 25 Feb = (2 * 0.5) *R50 = R50 Mar = (3 * 0.5) * R50 = R75 …… Dec (12 * 0.5) *R50 Total = 1950 Last example Multiplier =3 Rands= 200 Jan = (1 * 3) * R200 = R600 Feb = (2 * 3) * R200 = R1200 Mar = (3 * 3) * R200 = R1800 … Dec = (12 * 3 ) * R200= R7200 So depending on where you are in life financially you can start snow balling into higher savings rate. From small amounts to big amounts.
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    @Njabulo Nsibande @Spreadsheet Ranger @Groovy @SaurusDNA
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    I'm no expert but assuming you are far away from retirement age and as per user name you intend to be financially free by 2029, do you really want your money locked away in an RA? Anyway, what I do is this: Max out TFSA first Contribute a percentage to pension (15%) because I can get this money out if we immigrate. Point is: I'll not be force to by an annuity one day and won't be subject to whatever unknown tax regulation there will be one day I contribute a small amount to an RA every month to 1) offset any monies I might owe SARS come tax season and 2) just in case... Once I leave my current job I'm still in two minds on what I'm planning to do with my pension. Currently I'm leaning towards taking the tax hit, cashing it out and investing it offshore. I trust this SA government and pension/RA money exactly f**ol.
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    Just thought I would put this out there....I have a Telegram chat channel where we talk about bitcoin mostly, as well as other cryptocurrencies. If you want to ask a specific question, or would like to just chat casually about bitcoin / crypto with other people in South Africa, check it out. The channel is informal, and it is not a trading signals channel or anything really technical. Its mainly for casual chat about crypto. If you are on telegram, come and visit! https://t.me/bitcoinzarchat
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    Thanks to @Njabulo Nsibande who created this how-to thread: The basic idea is this: Every month has a number: January = 1, February = 2, March = 3 .... December = 12 You decide on a multiplier number, let's say: 2 You decide on a base amount of money: R100 Every month you take the month's number and multiply it by the multiplier and the base Rand amount. The result you save into a savings account. Example 1: Multiplier: 1 Base Rand amount: R50 Jan (1) x multiplier (1) x base amount (R50) = 1 x 1 x R50 = 1 x R50 = R50 Feb (2) x multiplier (1) x base amount (R50) = 2 x 1 x R50 = 2 x R50 = R100 Dec (12) x multiplier (1) x base amount (R50) = 12 x 1 x R50 = 12 x R50 = R600 Example 2: Multiplier: 2 Base Rand amount: R100 Jan (1) x multiplier (2) x base amount (R100) = 1 x 2 x R100 = 2 x R100 = R200 Feb (2) x multiplier (2) x base amount (R100) = 2 x 2 x R100 = 4 x R100 = R400 Dec (12) x multiplier (2) x base amount (R100) = 12 x 2 x R100 = 24 x R100 = R2400 Let's use this thread to track our progress for 2020 and see if we can meet our targets. Maybe those who want to participate can tell us and if you feel comfortable the amounts you have chosen.
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    There has been some great arbitrage opportunities with all the volatility recently. I have done a few good trades between ice3x and luno to increase my bitcoin trading stash.
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    Also looking for a smart TV the hisense 50 inch at R5500 seems decent
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    Black Friday will take place Friday, 29 November 2019. When you come accross good Black Friday deals please post them there I will keep a list in the OP with all the good deals and participating stores. Please post what items you are looking for then we can all look around for deals on the day. Personally I would like to buy a 55" to 65" TV and whatever MTN deal is good this year. Companies participating in Black Friday 2019: Takealot: https://www.takealot.com/promotion/bluedotsale OneDayOnly: https://www.onedayonly.co.za/ Wootware: https://www.wootware.co.za/black-friday/ Makro: https://www.makro.co.za/black-friday MTN: URL to be confirmed AC Direct: https://acdirect.co.za/product-category/black-friday/ CellC: URL to be confirmed Pick n Pay: https://www.pnp.co.za/pnpstorefront/pnp/en/blackfriday HiFi Corporation: URL to be confirmed Checkers: URL to be confirmed BidorBuy: @Bandit https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/blackfriday The Pro Shop: https://www.theproshop.co.za/promotion/black-friday Cybercellar: URL to be confirmed Game: https://www.game.co.za/game-za/en/black-friday-2019 Dion Wired: URL to be confirmed Woolworths: https://www.woolworths.co.za/dept/_/N-1gdu29e Clicks: https://clicks.co.za/brands/blackfriday Digicape: https://www.digicape.co.za/black-friday Dial-a-Bed: URL to be confirmed PiShop: URL to be confirmed DIY Electronics: https://www.diyelectronics.co.za/store/304-black-friday RSA WEB: https://www.rsaweb.co.za/ftth-black-friday-cyber-monday/ Dion-Wired-Black-Friday.pdf CNA-Black-Friday.pdf MICA-Black-Friday.pdf Dischem.pdf Vodacom Black-Friday_7.pdf Game-black-friday-book1.pdf game-black-friday-book2.pdf Samsung Black Friday Specials 2019.pdf Mitabyte Black Friday 2019.pdf Pick-n-Pay-Black-Friday.pdf Neon Sales Black Friday Catalog 2019.pdf checkers-black-friday.pdf MSC-Black-Friday.pdf Adidas_BlackFriday_Franchise_Store.pdf Samsung_Black_Friday_Catalogue.pdf Hirschs BF 2019.pdf Baby City Black Friday.pdf Cell C Black Friday.pdf MTN Black Friday 2019.pdf MTN Business 2019 Black Friday Deals Flyer.pdf Malls Tiles Black Friday.pdf Telkom Black Friday Deals.pdf
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    That's not a bad idea actually: shares. I may rethink my entry If you use the Easy Equities platform you'll be able to buy for less (partial shares).
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    Don't mess with the formula. It's meant to be difficult close to the end else what are we doing here? It is designed to foster a culture of saving. If you are fortunate enough to have your financial affairs in order you'll be saving a flat amount every month. There's not reason to change anything. Commit some values, even if it is "play" money and play the game.
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    I'm trying to improve the formula a little. The difference between the first and last months is just too big.
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    I'll start: Multiplier: 2 Rand value: R200 Total input for year: R31 200
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    To work out your projected savings before interest (in other words the amount you'll put away): Multiplier x Rand Amount x 78 = ? 1 x R100 x 78 = R7 800 after 12 months 2 x R100 x 78 = R15 600 after 12 months 3 x R200 x 78 = R46 800 after 12 months (hello, this is good chunk of money)
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    I'm in. I'm fortunate enough to be saving biggish amounts already but it would be nice to see this grow in an account of its own. I have not used up all of my Tymebank allowances yet (very far from it to be honest) so one of those goal saves will be reallocated to this.
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    Is it just me or does the deals from Vodacom look like they inflated the price, not very impressed.
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    I saw an interesting tweet from Simon Dingle saying it has to do with pressure from JP Morgan Chase. Here is the tweet: Surprising that this hasn't been reported on, but the real reason @FNBSA is closing down cryptocurrency exchange accounts is simple: because JP Morgan told them to. This has nothing to do with AML, and everything to do with anti-competitive moves by a US bank. FNB is a JP Morgan corresponding bank and JP Morgan has its own blockchain projects. They have a stance against true, decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and, like American Express spreading lies about Bitcoin's energy usage, JPM is playing dirty by closing down on-ramps. This isn't just my opinion. I hope journalists pick up on the real story and confirm it for themselves. This also has nothing to do with the South African Reserve Bank, or the other banks in the country. Just one lapdog doing as its told, and being disingenuous about it.
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    possible that it could also be in relation to RMB unbundling and maybe looking to offload FNB to international buyer ...
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    Indeed they are, I am currently busy writing up a little introduction about Ice3X and why we decided to embark on this journey with them.
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    interesting read on the origins of Black Friday. https://www.thebalance.com/what-is-the-history-of-black-friday-3305711
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    Thanks for compliments! I also run www.mymoneytree.co.za
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    Are the deals MTN are going to have on Black Friday in-store only or online as well? I don't want to stand in a queue if I can click buy on the website for the same deal.
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    Hi guys. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, to finally get my will drafted. (Free of charge) Just want to say thanks for the help and guidance.
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    Actually, Bidvest McCarthy had deals on cars last year. I wonder what the update was and if they would participate this year again. I think they had a VW Polo for 30% off the monthly installments.
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