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    So I recently found myself doing a fee comparison between 10x (I am currently with 10x), Outvest, EasyEquities and Sygnia. Results: The cheapest platform depends on your RA value. Outvest is cheapest once you hit +/- R450k Below that Sygnia is typically cheapest. I made my research results freely available in the form of an interactive calculator. Here it is. https://mymoneytree.co.za/calculator/ra/
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    If that is correct, LIARS!
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    Thanks for making this effort - very good summary indeed and was really needed. 2 questions: 1) How is African Bank credit rating compared to the other banks, can you possibly add that as another column to understand risk associated with the return? 2) What happens if one of these banks defaults like VBS? Is it insured/covered by Reserve Bank? Any insurance company that covers this risk/gap of exposed amounts?
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    Problem is, in a TFIA, there are no tax savings in offshore ETFs except capital gains...
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    The Sygnia skeleton balanced funds are cheap with TIC=0.55% and is also a good choice. It got cheaper over the year, the reason might be that the funds holdings are Sygnia ETFs. Together with my RA, I use my TFIA to increase my offshore holdings, so no local equities outside RA.
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