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    What exactly is the reason for the current free fall in the SASOL share price? https://www.moneyweb.co.za/tools-and-data/click-a-company/SOL/ Sasol's return over the last: 7 days -72.66% 30 days -78.09% 90 days -80.24% 6 months -81.08% 1 year -87.54% 3 Years -85.64% 5 years -86.85 to date (12 March 2020 2:30PM)
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    **** poor management and the Saudis? Although I reckon OPEC was just the straw that broke the camel's back.
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    R44.80 now.... I have like R500 left over in my one account due to a mis timed cancelled debit order. So I reckon once Sasol reaches 9c...
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    One is kinda tempted to try and catch this knife EDIT: Geez, when you see a share lose 70%+ you think damn that's rough, but it's not until you zoom out really far that you see "oh shiaat, we're back at mid 95-2001 prices. Two decades of growth - gone.
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