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    Thanks, one of the first things we realized when we started working on the product is that its value would be greatly eroded if we waited for things to be proven in court before paying claims; and whether proven or not innocent investors often suffer losses anyways. Most companies deny wrongdoing as you'd expect, even Steinhoff denied what was happening when asked for years. If the product was on the market before the Steinhoff event and you bought the shares and insured them; any new news on the company that trigger any further collapse of the share price would be covered, and you would be paid out a claim when you decide to sell. We can take the Seinhoff example assuming you had 10 insured shares that you sold for R20 each: Share Price at the end of day on the day before the news: R 55.81 Trgger Price for the insurance (the above less 10%) R 50.23 Realised Price (price you sold shares for) R 20 Claim per share R 30.23 (R 50.23 - R 20) So instead of losing R 35.81 (R 55.81 - R 20) you would only lose R 5.58 (R 55.81 - R 20 - R 30.23)
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