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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are two of the biggest shopping events of the year, and on November 24, the world will be ready to shop. Please use this thread to post Black Friday deals, let's pick up some bargains together. What stores are doing Black Friday 2017? I will update this thread with the shops that are participating in Black Friday 2017. Please post shops as you discover them and I will add them to the list. 1. Game https://Game.co.za 2. Wootware https://Wootware.co.za 3. Checkers https://www.checkers.co.za/black-friday.html 4. Travelstart http://www.travelstart.co.za/lp/promotions/black-friday 5. Chain Reaction Cycles (Chain Reactions Cycles is running 4 weeks of Black Friday deals, with discounts on bicycles and clothing.) 6. Zando (Zando confirmed it will launch a Black Friday sale this year, offering discounts on clothing.) 7. Spree (Spree is giving away R100,000 in Black Friday Vouchers through OneDayOnly.) 8. Syntech (You can expect great deals on PC products, gadgets, and other goods from Syntech on Black Friday.) 9. Standard Bank (Standard Bank Business will offer South Africans something special on Black Friday.) 10. PriceCheck (PriceCheck will offer deals in 24 categories for 24 hours.) 11. MTN South Africa (MTN will hold “exclusive deals that will make lives even brighter this summer”.) 12. Loot (South Africans can look forward to great Black Friday deals from the shop.) 13. The Digital Experience (The Digital Experience will slash prices on a range of technology products and appliances.) 14. OneDayOnly (OneDayOnly will have a large offering of products at incredible discounts.) 15. eBucks (eBucks plans to give members great value by offering a 50% discount on its products.) 16. iStore (If you love Apple products, you do not want to miss its Black Friday deals.) 17. MultiChoice and DStv (MultiChoice will offer “fantastic” specials, and encourages people to keep an eye on its website on 23 November.) 18. Raru (Raru will offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, with unique, attractive offerings.) 19. Takealot (Takealot’s 2017 Blue Dot Sale will run across every department of the online store, offering all the best Black Friday deals in one place.) 20. Dion Wired (Dion Wired will offer great discounts on a wide range of tech and other products.) 21. Makro (Expect excellent deals on tech products, gadgets, and other goods from Makro.) 22. Vodacom 23. CapeRiverStone - boulders, stones and peach pips (https://www.caperiverstone.co.za/) This post also serves as a reminder to please save up right now and at the end of October, because you might be able to pick up appliances you wanted to buy for a while at a great discount, appliances that were too expensive at the time. We are all money conscious members, that is why we are a part of this great forum, so let's take a collective advantage and sniff out good deals together.
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