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    To truly learn about bitcoin you must buy at least R1000 of it and once invested you will find yourself following its news and developments since it impacts your back pocket and you will be emotionally invested. If a once in 20 yr disruptive technology appears in your investing timeline and is doubling in value each year you might be remiss not to be involved at the very least on a junior position like R500 or R1000. I've thrown R100k into BTC over last 3yrs it's worth 3 times that now and also generating R20k pm passive income. Just as with a ten bagger share you never get to this position if you don't get into the game early enough, make the mistakes and learn the ropes. You don't have to be early just early enough. Despite heady prices BTC is still in early stages. But it suffers early stage risk just like any budding 10 bagger share. Bitcoin could blow up and go all to hell at any time so whatever you invest you must be prepared to lose. There is also lots of volatility in BTC and it's a strong candidate for trend following algorithms both of which combined can make trading it both simple and profitable. The simplest of strategies currently involves buying BTC whenever it's under $1000 and selling whenever it's above $1200 Mining is profitable but not if you import gear and mine yourself. The electricity costs dont make it worth it and having a piece of hardware that sounds like a boeing 24x7 in your house is not ideal. Cloud mining currently can yield 9% per month at current BTC of $1,200. You read right - per month. Continuation of these gains will require more BTC inflation each year, at least 40% per annum I would estimate since difficulty of mining is increasing all the time as more hashpower is added to the network. I can say this as i have imported gear and mined at least 18 months as well as been running cloud mining for 1 year. The trick is to find the 5 of 100 cloudminers that are not scams or ponzi schemes. And if you find the 5 you need to find the 1 that makes it worthwhile. And there is only one, but youre going to have to find that out yourself as its part of the learning experience. Proper bitcoin investing is obviously far more sophisticated than simply holding the coin or simply making a few buy on the dip trades. A proper strategy involves owning the coin, trading it and mining it - but given 1 to 2 yrs involvement you will figure it out soon enough if you are committed. If like me you find it technologically fascinating and learning it becomes like a hobby you are enjoying then financial reward will be the natural byproduct as opposed to the pursued one. Pretty much like anything in life. BTC is just another asset class along with your shares, gold, listed property and bonds. But being revolutionary it offers higher reward/risk ratios. There are also some very particular benefits it offers South Africans (protection from the Rands inevitable decline of 6~10% per annum being one) but unless you play the game you won't figure those out Sent from my iPhone using the Platinum Wealth mobile app
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