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  3. Well, once again, Rhodium was on a different planet to everything else, with the 1nvest Rhodium ETF (ETFRHO) delivering growth of 187.1%. Originally, the reason for the stellar growth of Rhodium was the change from platinum catalysts to rhodium in the auto industry, but now I suspect that it is purely momentum. I wonder how long this can go on. Every year, I think the performance cannot be repeated and then each year is better than the last. It's kind of like Bitcoin at the moment. It could collapse at any time or could go past the moon. The top 10 performing ETFs in South Africa t
  4. If you feel you lack discipline, why not set up a recurring contribution to your ETF fund via debit order? Even a small monthly amount. You'll get the benefit of cost price averaging AND the peace of mind that you're putting away that money every month before you eat out and waste it on unneccessary stuff. Then if you want to diversify, you can always take out an additional RA.
  5. Just thought I would share this video about the MTI ponzi which caught a lot of people in South Africa. Its 2hrs long, and the video in the first couple of minutes is a bit dodgy, but it covers a lot of stuff that 'investors' in MTI should know from the perspective off bitcoin, crime, taxes, liquidation etc. Description: Gareth Grobler with guests Francois Harris & Mark McAllister, discuss the collapse of Mirror Trading International (MTI). We do an overview of the situation as it stands. How we got here and why these guys keep getting away with it. We provide tips on how to ste
  6. Happy New Year for 2021!!! Just checking in.... Bitcoin is still reaching new all time highs, and is hovering around the $29k mark which is around $25k higher than when this thread was started. Yes, it is completely possible to still see a major pull back in price, but I am still of the mindset that over all, 2021 will be a massive year price wise. Below is a 2yr chart of the price of bitcoin on Bitstamp exchange: Hope everyone has a great 2021!
  7. So I have been planning my Tax Free Investment Account portfolio for 2021 and this is what I've decided to buy in the year ahead in terms of my ETF picks: Composition: 70% Offshore Equities 20% Local Equities 10% Local Property My portfolio will then look as follows: Offshore (70%): ASHEQF: 25% STXEMG: 25% STXNDQ: 10% SYG4IR: 10% Local (30%): STX40: 7% NFEMOM: 7% STXQUA: 7% CSPROP: 10% The local picks may seem strange at 7% each, but I cannot deci
  8. It's that time of year again - albeit a very unusual year! So my personal top five stock pics for next year are as follows (in order): #1) DGH (Distell) - This one's share price has been hammered by the lockdowns and stocks are dirt cheap. But drinking never stops and eventually, sales and profits always return. This company is also huge and very resilient. If I had to choose just one stock for the coming year, it would be this one. #2) APN (Aspen) - With an agreement to produce a COVID vaccine, the exposure to this company should be massive once they
  9. What is a good Africa ETF? I'd like to go 50% into SP500 and 50% Africa
  10. Been another month, and today bitcoin broke through $20k, reaching a new All Time High! So far the bitcoin price is still sticking pretty close to the predicted price using the S2F model. If things continue on the same path, then 2021 is going to be an amazing year for bitcoin. So far this year has already seen great returns for bitcoin holders. This thread started with bitcoin priced at around $4k, and today it has breached $20k. Not bad at all. The last few months has seen some major players / institutions buying into bitcoin
  11. Virgin Money South Africa announced that it has changed its name to Spot Money SA, adopting the name of its Virgin Money Spot app. The link to Spot Money is https://spotmoney.com/ This follows the Virgin Group’s divestment from its South African operations, including the Virgin Money credit card. Virgin Money South Africa launched its Spot mobile application in 2018. The app, which was developed in partnership with wiGroup, started by offering peer-to-peer money transfers and mobile payments. A few months after the app’s launch, Virgin Money
  12. e4et

    Any advice

    Hi guys. Are there any trading bots you guys use for litecoin on luno ? I have (had) R500 worth and would like to try this bot thing i've been hearing about to see if it works.
  13. Do any of you experience any issues with the DSTV app on the Samsung QLED TVs? It used to work (albeit finnicky), but now it seems that the DSTV app is completely broken. When I click on a channel it just goes black, no loading icon nothing.
  14. Telkom will charge users of its new Telkom Pay wallet, which is built on top of WhatsApp, a flat fee of 2.5% for transactions and card top-ups.
  15. Service/Product Description: If you need a Private Investigator then let us help you. We will give you a realistic assessment of your case, the time required to complete it and the costs involved. Understanding your situation is paramount. Location: We operate locally from Cape Town with a national coverage, sometimes worldwide, to get the result you need. Availability: We are available 24 / 7 About us: One of the SA’s longest established and most respected Private Investigator Agencies. Many cases require a level of discretion to resolve a sensitive situation and we understand the need for 10
  16. Her conclusion states: “It is my view that the fund should be liquidated or placed under administration as a matter of urgency. This is the only way that this hemorrhage of billions of rands of public funds can be stemmed and proper and valid settlement of plaintiffs’ claims undertaken in the public interest.” She has asked that the judgment be brought to the attention of the Minister of Transport, the head of the Road Accident Fund and the National Director of Public Prosecutions. Source: https://www.groundup.org.za/article/court-calls-road-accident-fund-be-liquidated-damni
  17. Its an exchange in S.A., there are a bunch of different ones. I dont personally use it, I mainly use ice3, luno and binance locally
  18. Hi. Whats your thoughts on Altcointrader ?
  19. Been a long time since posting here....the 3rd bitcoin halving happened on May 11, 2020, decreasing the amount of bitcoin mined every block by half, down to 6.25BTC per block now. At first, like before and as expected, not much changed price wise, but after a sluggish start, it looks like the next cycle of the bitcoin bull run has begun after the halving trigger. So I reckon we are still on track for a huge increase in price over the next year....hold on to your hair! Sitting at around 70% increase in USD value in the last 6months so far, things are just
  20. Dropped a bit. Was up 17% at one stage, now sitting at 4%
  21. Hmm, or easier to just sign up on the DCX site ?
  22. Hi guys. Is EC10 on Easy Equities the easiest way to get into crypto ?
  23. Pfizer says it is a significant step closer to providing people around the world with a much-needed breakthrough to help bring an end to the Covid-19 crisis. The first effective coronavirus vaccine can prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19, a preliminary analysis shows. The developers - Pfizer and BioNTech - described it as a "great day for science and humanity". Their vaccine has been tested on 43,500 people in six countries and no safety concerns have been raised. The companies plan to apply for emergency approval to use the vac
  24. Interesting time ahead, I wonder if ALTs will follow like 2017?
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