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  4. Pembury shady management back on their BS. I've just seen this sens, thought I'd give anyone still holding a heads up if you missed the sens. GEN - General- Late Submissions of Provisional Financial Statements: BWZ/PEM GEN – Multiple Issuers GEN - General- Late Submissions of Provisional Financial Statements BRAINWORKS LIMITED ALPHA CODE: BWZ ISIN CODE: MU0548S00000 PEMBURY LIFESTYLE GROUP LIMITED ALPHA CODE: PEM ISIN CODE: ZAE000222949 LATE SUBMISSION OF PROVISIONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ("PROVISIONAL REPORTS") The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) wishes to advise that the above mentioned companies’ have failed to submit their provisional reports within the three- month period stipulated in the JSE's Listings Requirements. Accordingly, the companies’ listings on the JSE trading system have been annotated with a "RE" to indicate that they have failed to submit their provisional reports timeously and that the listing of these companies’ securities is under threat of suspension and possible removal. If the abovementioned companies’ still fail to submit their provisional reports on or before 30 April 2019, then their listings may be suspended. This announcement has been placed by the JSE in the interest of shareholders. 16 April 2019
  5. So it's a bit more, like one more year before this bubble burst at last! So many people I know put serious money into it without any real facts about it. Why it costs that much anyway still ? I just play on Forex in some ways, but never will invest in this. I always think it will fall to 0 someday.
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    Hello everyone. I'm Cheryl, founder of pedlar.co.za Nice to meet you
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  8. I think Trading in the Zone is the book that @SimonPB also recommends, I think. He had a nice twitter thread a year or so ago about some stunning investment books. A book I recently read was "How To Make Money on the Stock Exchange" by Ross Larter. I found that book to be quite insightful to help me understand technical analysis a bit more.
  9. If you are a total beginner learn the basics on https://babypips.com/learn/forex Don't just blindly start demo trading. Build some knowledge first.
  10. Trading in the Zone - Mark Douglas. Incredible book. Not on TA but on the lures and dangers of trading, taking responsibility, consistency: state of mind, the dynamics of perception, the markets perspective, thinking in probabilities, working with your beliefs, the nature of beliefs, the impact of believes on trading and thinking like a trader. So many lessons that will save you from yourself... I try reread it at least twice yearly.
  11. Forex trading, in my opinion, is neither hard nor a bed of roses. You need to do a lot of reading and analysis as well as risk management with a lot of patience before you start making consistent profits. The good part is that once you pick and start making profits, you'll be very rich. But get this right- forex is not a get-rich-quick gamble
  12. Usually just ... everything. I try to mix, meat with bread or butter with bread or some vegetables and fruits with some good tea. I try to eath healthy to live a little longer like all of us;) I seen some pictures of what you are eating and getting right into the kitchen already.
  13. Don't have bad habits! Why people just give usual saving advices ? Our life can be hard sometimes and we seek something like booze, drugs or something to smoke to reduce stress and obtain a piece of mind, but it could take your health and life with you as well, not just money for your home deposit;)
  14. I just recommended two books in a different thread, but I thought it might be a good idea to have a dedicated thread to discuss trading and investment books. I'll be back soon with book reviews on the ones I've read.
  15. I trade CFDs on the JSE but not Forex. Trading is not difficult, but it requires a fair amount of learning and training. If you're serious about getting started, I would highly recommend that you study/read two books in the following order: First study the book "How to make money on the stock exchange" by Ross Larter, which is a basic course in trading written by a South African for the South African stock exchange. This will give all the technical skills and knowledge you will need to get started. Then, when you're done with that one, read or listen to "Trading in the zone" by Mark Douglas. This will teach you about the self-control, attitude and mindset that is essential in every successful trader. The first you should get the hard copy of, as it's technical and there are many pictures that are very important. The second is available as an audiobook on Audible, and for this one, the audiobook is fine as there are no pictures required to learn from this book. These two books will give you enough knowledge to trade successfully, and if you do what they say with regards to self-discipline and attitude, you'll do just fine. That's how I started, and I now consider myself a successful trader, as I have a steadily growing equity curve in my trading account.
  16. Try GT247. They have a good demo account that you can try out and play around with. Then after you get the hang of things try with your own cash. But just be careful and make sure you practice a lot with the demo account. Be warned, mostly everyone loses money forex and CFD trading and you will probably lose some too... Only use cash that you’re totally comfortable losing.
  17. Hello, welcome to the community, and congratulations for landing such a coveted position. Actually, you are at the right place and you'll be able to get all the information related to financial matters that you may need in order to be successful. Hope to hear more from you on how you'll be progressing
  18. So DHL called me and said I have to pay Extra costs were a total of R312. Total cost for Ledger Nano S = R1288. I'll take it. Cheers guys! Dan
  19. I have ordered single units as replacements which came without having to pay extra duties. Buying bulk means you definitely have to pay the duties, and also the fee to the courier company to 'process' your order and delivery. I am out of stock of Ledger Nano S devices and most likely not ordering bulk again, unless I can make it worth while. Bulk orders are not priority to them, so they sometimes take months to arrive, while the price of bitcoin changes drastically during that time period, which means your profit can disappear completely. For the end user, its faster and cheaper to just order directly from Ledger now, especially since they added free shipping for small orders to South Africa, and you might not need to pay duties. Bulk orders you still need to pay for shipping, so that is additional cost for resellers too. The time, expenses, and possibility of losing money means its just better to refer customers to them directly.
  20. Also, keep in mind Takealot is just a glorified reseller portal, so that guy selling the ledger on Takealot is probably buying it directly from Ledger and adding the markup. I have ordered ledgers before without paying duty at customs so you might get lucky.
  21. Right now its cheaper to just buy direct from Ledger than from any retailer in South Africa because you get free shipping.
  22. Option 1: Takealot for around R1680 Option 2: From their site for R976 + customs/import (https://shop.ledger.com/products/ledger-nano-s) Free shipping from DHL (3 business days) Question: Does anyone know what the import costs will be payable on this? Read around that in SA it could be around 15% VAT and 10% Duty = +25% (total costs R1220) Are there other costs? If R1220 is the case it's a way better deal to buy direct plus you can choose your Nano S color (I want Transparent )
  23. An interesting post that predicts a bitcoin price of $55,000 after the 2020 halving: https://medium.com/@100trillionUSD/modeling-bitcoins-value-with-scarcity-91fa0fc03e25
  24. Locally I prefer to use luno and iceCUBED. Internationally I use Bittrex, Binance, Bitstamp, Cex.io, Kucoin among a bunch of others I am registered on
  25. Hello everyone! Share your experience which trading platform do you prefer?
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