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  2. Very strange comparison, because Nintendo Switch - is a portative console. Xbox ONE - is home console. I think that is better to compare PSP/Vita vs Switch.
  3. Seems to be steady at 27. Been up to 29 but this is the first time I have been in the green with this share at 27. Patience pays...sometimes.
  4. I just can say that it's one of the best (if not the best) game I've ever played!
  5. I just ordered a pizza and forgot about my hunger 15 minutes ago
  6. Up to 27 today but no announcement yet. There is more buying activity so something is happening.
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  8. Yes, 25% of my own TFIA account is PTXTEN. Of course, this only applies to local property, as foreign property ETFs (such as GLPROP) have almost no tax savings (other than capital gains). My GLPROP is outside my TFIA at the moment. As you have suggested, it's still prudent to be diversified elsewhere. Pretty much, for me, my local ETFs are in my TFIA and my foreign ones outside of it.
  9. Great thanks! I heard a podcast where Warren Ingram also suggested using your TFSA for property funds: so long as you’re diversified elsewhere.
  10. Thanks Saurus. I like the 2K a month suggestion I never even though of splitting it up like that, plus, I could then probably invest more than the 2K for the next three months. win, win.
  11. Seems to be maintaining in the band 20 to 24 cents. Waiting on the next announcement on the offers/proposals.
  12. That is 100% correct. In decreasing order of tax benefit within a TFIA: Local property ETFs Main source of income: 1. Interest: Tax Free 2. Dividends: Tax Free 3. Capital Gains: Tax Free Tax savings: Very High Local high-dividend, lower-growth equities ETFs Main source of income: 1. Dividends (large): Tax Free 2. Capital Gains: Tax Free Tax savings: High Local high-growth equities ETFs Main source of income: 1. Capital Gains: Tax Free 2. Dividends (small): Tax Free Tax savings: High Foreign high-growth equities ETFs Main source of income: 1. Capital Gains: Tax Free 2. Dividends (small): Taxed Tax savings: Medium Foreign high-dividend, lower-growth equities ETFs Main source of income: 1. Dividends (large): Taxed 2. Capital Gains: Tax Free Tax savings: Medium to Low Foreign property ETFs Main source of income: 1. Interest: Taxed 2. Dividends: Taxed 3. Capital Gains: Tax Free Tax savings: Low
  13. So I have a good idea about how the various tax free accounts work. However, I’m still not one hundred percent sure about the foreign dividends implications. From my understanding: You buy a foreign etf like GLODIV or MSCIWORLD in your tfsa. The companies in each etf bundle will pay dividends and withhold dividends tax. This dividend (excl. dividends tax) is then paid out to us as the investors. We are still essentially paying dividends tax. When we sell the etf, there are no capital gains on the the capital gain. This is, therefore, the only portion that is really Tax Free in foreign amounts?
  14. Discovery gives decent rates as well it seems but early days.
  15. Timing the market is near impossible. The Rand could go up or down, and the index could go up or down. There are two trains of thought:- the momentum methodology (employed by ETFs like NFEMOM, for example) is based on the premise that shares that are going up strongly will continue to go up. The momentum methodology says now is an excellent time to buy. On the other hand, the value methodology (employed by ETFs like NFEVAL for example) say you should buy when prices are cheap. This methodology says you should wait. I personally do Dollar-cost averaging by buying an equal amount monthly. This way, you get the best of both worlds. It might be something for you to consider (ie. buy R2k per month for three months). This way, whatever happens, you minimize downside risk. But otherwise, as for your question, with all short-term decisions in the market, you may as well roll a dice.
  16. Aaaaand, I'm back for more financial assistance I have 6K sitting in my TFSA, I want to use to buy MSCI World shares. I have not pulled the trigger yet, as my profit on said is currently 20% up. My thoughts are to leave the 6K and earn the daily R1 interest and wait for the share price to fall slightly before buying more, to try and get that little bit extra out of it. Does this make sense ?
  17. Bumps. Hey guys. How has this changed in the last two years ? FNB savings account still sitting on 6.30 % Tyme on 7 to 10 % Any others worth mentioning ?
  18. Yes for sure, loving DCX10 atm.
  19. Good day. I am new to utilizing online brokers and have just now signed up with Interactive Brokers. How do the rest of you go about funding your account? Do you use places like ClickFx or do you do it through your bank via SWIFT (probably more expensive I take)? Also which currency is best to use? I saw that they had a ZAR deposit option, but ZAR is not available as a currency option when trying to do a SWIFT payment via my online banking platform. Thanks
  20. Guess DCX10 was the answer to this!
  21. Axed Old Mutual CEO Peter Moyo has won his bid against his former employer to be temporarily reinstated and his dismissal has been declared unlawful. The Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg found that he should return to his position with immediate effect. Moyo's permanent reinstatement is pending Part B of his application which will be heard at a later stage. Old Mutual has also been interdicted from appointing anyone to replace Moyo and was ordered to pay Moyo's legal costs. The judgment was delayed by more than an hour on Tuesday after Judge Brian Mashile was not available to deliver the ruling. It was instead read out by Judge L Adams on his behalf. Moyo was suspended in May and later fired as CEO of the JSE listed insurer in June. The company asserted this was due to a conflict of interest in his personal business matters. It later emerged that Moyo is also the co-founder of NMT Capital, a boutique investment company. Old Mutual maintained he allowed dividends owed to the company as a preferential shareholder and institutional investor to slide into arrears while he received a R30m payout. Moyo, however, approached the court on July 18 to urgently reinstate him, interdict Old Mutual from filling his position and declare his dismissal unlawful and unconstitutional. His legal team argued that it was in fact the chairperson of Old Mutual Trevor Manuel who had a conflict of interest and Moyo was fired for raising this and acting as a “whistleblower”. He claimed that Manuel did not pay due diligence to corporate governance. Manuel also chaired Rothschild & Co which oversaw Old Mutual plc delist from the London Stock Exchange and list as Old Mutual Limited on the JSE in June 2018 in a “Managed Separation”. Moyo’s legal team also stated that he was suspended after he raised concerns that the insurance company paid for Manuel’s legal fees in his court battle to access information from Gupta owned Sahara Computers. The insurer’s legal team questioned why Moyo had signed off on the financial statements by auditors which included Manuel’s legal fees if he had in fact raised it as a red flag. Old Mutual maintains that Manuel recused himself when the discussion took place about Rothschild & Co overseeing the multi-billion "Managed Separation". Tuesday’s judgment is only Part A of Moyo’s legal battle against his former company. Part B of his application, intended to be set in motion within 60 days of the outcome of Tuesday’s ruling will see him lodge a damages claim for reputational harm. He also wants the court to declare the Old Mutual board "delinquent directors" which will prevent them from holding non-executive directorship positions for several years. Source: News24
  22. haha, I get you, it's for the long term investment, but the volatility really gives you mixed feelings most of the time, need to be strong for this investment.
  23. Equity crowdfunding platform Uprise.Africa, ZAR X stock exchange partner to list startups on bourse https://ventureburn.com/2019/07/uprise-africa-zar-x-partnership/ Guys looks like ZAR X are at it again. Uprise are the guys that do some pretty cool crowdfunding like Drifter beer and Intergreatme check the link below https://uprise.africa/discover/
  24. Man how do you keep still in a space this volatile? 1 minute I'm happy, next minute I'm really sad, then angry, happy. For amateurs like me, this dcx10 is fine for now, get to work on my feelings,
  25. Salute to everyone who held on this thing, I hope the management is serious. I got rekt, and left with a loss, not even giving these guys any look ever again.
  26. No reason why not , I was just concerned about any debit Order fees ( before I set it up) on the EE platform? It seems that this is negligible and being hassle free, out weighs the debit Order fees ? ( if any) ... it says zero fees when you go onto the EE platform fees and costs page for debit Order transactions?
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