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  2. Great reply, Bandit... Unfortunately it is the road taken by many due to massive confidence issues reg our country's future! It feels like we are shooting ourselves in the foot, because the government will likely rip out our limbs anyway. Reg: do you really want your money locked away in an RA A big portion of investments is meant for the very long-term. ie retirement. I will not be touching it until then. So taking advantage of the tax breaks and re-investing those tax savings does make sense... on the one hand. On the other - I too am massively concerned about the future of this country. I might instead do some Section 12J investments to reduce my tax bills instead.
  3. TymeBank does not offer fixed deposits. That is why they do not feature on the site. That being said, their rates on offer are top-notch!
  4. 44% of my monthly investments goes into RA’s and 56% into ETF's. Major portion of all RA’s are invested in the SA stock market. In in my local ETF portfolio I have monthly investments in Satrix Quality SA (2000.00), Coreshares SA Property Income (1500.00) and a TFSA in Satrix Divi Plus (1375.00). As RA’s are heavily invested in SA, should I terminate my monthly investments in all SA ETF’s and increase my contributions to Satrix MSCI World and Coreshares Global DivTrax.
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  6. I'm no expert but assuming you are far away from retirement age and as per user name you intend to be financially free by 2029, do you really want your money locked away in an RA? Anyway, what I do is this: Max out TFSA first Contribute a percentage to pension (15%) because I can get this money out if we immigrate. Point is: I'll not be force to by an annuity one day and won't be subject to whatever unknown tax regulation there will be one day I contribute a small amount to an RA every month to 1) offset any monies I might owe SARS come tax season and 2) just in case... Once I leave my current job I'm still in two minds on what I'm planning to do with my pension. Currently I'm leaning towards taking the tax hit, cashing it out and investing it offshore. I trust this SA government and pension/RA money exactly f**ol.
  7. I currently contribute around 15% of monthly salary to RA. Legislation allows me to contribute up to 27.5% or R350 000 - whichever is lower - assume the former Should I look to max out RA and take advantage of the great tax breaks OR use the 15% to invest in a low-cost, equity ETF? Has anyone ever run some numbers / models on which strategy would outperform if retirement is more than 20 years into future?
  8. Anyone in Cape Town or Jozi and fancy a beer and casual chat bout bitcoin? A couple of us are going to be at Tigers milk Century City, see the event here: Some people in JHB want to meetup too, so the next day there will be one at Hard Rock Cafe, Sandton, see the event here: Both events are totally casual as usual. We keep it old school like it used to be before corporates got involved.
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  10. I have been playing around with this Kriptolink point of sale device, that kind of doubles as a bitcoin ATM. Its pretty cool, and a nice way to be able to get customers to pay you in bitcoin. You can use it to take payments, and also let customers use it to buy and sell bitcoin. I have been away, so didnt get a change to set it up until today, and so far I am liking it. I dont need a point of sale device, but I liked the idea of a portable bitcoin ATM. I have connected it to the API of my account on the ice3x.com exchange. A potential customer can choose to buy or sell bitcoin with me. If they buy, then they give me cash, and they scan their wallet with the device. Then using the price on ice3x plus my profit that I can adjust, they are charged a price for the amount of fiat they want to spend. After it goes through, my wallet send the bitcoin to theirs, I keep the cash, and the terminal market buys back the same bitcoin I sold on the the ice3x platform. So the bitcoin I sold is replaced, and I make a profit, and the customer gets their bitcoin for cash. If anyone is interested, I did a blog post on it a few months ago, you can read more about it here: https://www.bitcoinzar.co.za/kriptolink-bitcoin-atm-pos-terminal/ Oh yeah, this is a 100% local system. The guys behind it are South Africans Local is lekker!
  11. Bitcoin signals groups are a waste of time I think. If anyone actually could predict with certainty what the price would do short term, they would sure as hell not tell everyone else and destroy their advantage and reduce their own profit. They would shut the hell up, and make $$$. These signals groups cannot predict events that move the market violently one way or the other, same with TA and charts. No charts or TA / signals group is going to predict the next China ban, exchange hack, or ETF being approved news that moves the market. The only thing anyone can do, is look at the past, and come up with probabilities of what might happen....its like astrology for cryptocurrency. There are many probabilities, nobody is 100% certain on which one will be the one that happens.
  12. Eskom announced stage 2 loadshedding today (December 6) until tomorrow. Fun.
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  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recommend someone local for obtaining bitcoin buy/sell signals? All of the people/entities I've come across are international. I'm trying to understand if there is someone local that uses any of the local exchanges.
  15. Was thinking, it can show you the exact amount you need to pay this month and it allows you to "mark" that the payment have been made. Some way to just manage the process.
  16. There has been some great arbitrage opportunities with all the volatility recently. I have done a few good trades between ice3x and luno to increase my bitcoin trading stash.
  17. Also looking for a smart TV the hisense 50 inch at R5500 seems decent
  18. Here is the Black Friday deals for HiFi corp - very good TV specials https://www.hificorp.co.za/black-friday-2019-sales-catalogue?utm_source=PlatinumWealth&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=BlackFriday2019
  19. Desperately looking for a pair of Galaxy buds. Hauwei Freebuds Lite are on sale but would prefer Galaxy Buds if there is a good deal.
  20. Dammit - I do not see a Samsung S10e on special anymore (contracts) I do see it on special if you buy it cash, but eish cash on a phone is 2019 feels like an expensive choice...?
  21. Oh, that's also an idea!!!
  22. Which one of you is going to do this with crypto? Come on...
  23. That's not a bad idea actually: shares. I may rethink my entry If you use the Easy Equities platform you'll be able to buy for less (partial shares).
  24. Okay - since the minimum purchase of NFGOVI is R250, I'm going to start with a bigger base and have a smaller multiplier. Base: R250 Multiplier: 0.5 Total for year: R9750
  25. Yes, I'm doing my monthly R2750 to TFIA and then a flat monthly rate to non-TFIA ETFs and shares. But I'll play the game then with something small. Thinking of buying NFGOVI as the savings tool rather than a bank account, since it's returning around 10% in yields at the moment.
  26. Don't mess with the formula. It's meant to be difficult close to the end else what are we doing here? It is designed to foster a culture of saving. If you are fortunate enough to have your financial affairs in order you'll be saving a flat amount every month. There's not reason to change anything. Commit some values, even if it is "play" money and play the game.
  27. You could flip it and start with the 12 assigned to January that way your contributions gets less throughout the year.
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