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Register your Investment Club

Platinum Wealth

If you have or are part of an existing investment club then you can simply E-mail us or register and DM the admin and then we can create a sub-forum for your Investment club as well.
The sub-forum has the ability to make certain sections private so only your members will be able to view the sensitive data.


Each Investment club has their own sub-forum hidden from the public, all the clubs get a blueprint from us (the main club, if they so wish) we went through the hassle of going to each bank, broker and authority in this space we hit our heads and learned hard lessons and in that process we developed a formula, from exactly who to talk to at the bank and what to ask all the way to what accounting method to use and how to do it.


If you are part of an investment club, ask your fellow members to join the platform, even if it's just to ask questions or answer some questions from our users.

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