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Your preferred watchlist software/site
So I've used Google Finance, MarketWatch and Bloomberg over the past few years. Always stuck with Google because it is easy to search/research on it. Some discussion on this forum caused me to revisit Bloomberg etc. I updated my holdings on it and realised again why I like it so much - the breakdown and graphs Tongue

[Image: watchlist.png]
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The only real downside of using Bloomberg is that the mobile app only allows you to view the Mobile Watchlist (which I use as a consolidated watch list).

I've got these:
- Mobile Watchlist
- ETF Only
- Shares

Result is that you need to double capture new holdings etc. Small inconvenience, but if one of you can figure out how to view all your watchlists on the app it would be appreciated.
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I use a scale, the more my gold weighs the more I am worth.
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(06-15-2016, 03:07 PM)PirateJack Wrote: I use a scale, the more my gold weighs the more I am worth.


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Eish this pirate!

I am going to try Bloomberg out after work and MSN Money and then report back, currently I use Google finance on Desktop to get the overview of all my EasyEquities accounts and PSG.

Then on my phone I have my main account listed in the watch-list section of the sharenet app.
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