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Would You Recommend Bitcoin?
Some people think so-called digital currencies like Bitcoin are gathering momentum and legitimacy as an investment. Others think that Bitcoin is at best a high-risk flash in the pan and at worst a complete swindle.

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I will not outright recommend it, but if someone were to talk to me about bitcoin, I certainly will not talk it down. I think this is a technology that a modern investor must be aware of.

I would recommend it, I think it's something one should have a part it, I am not preaching bitcoin or anything, just saying it has made a tremendous impact on how I personally think about money and I am sure there are many others whom also changed their perception of money.

Yeah, you are right @Phatphil. "I think this is a technology that a modern investor must be aware of". I also not recomending cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to anyone to invest in it. I know this is the modern way of investment yet for some people. But whose didn't understand cryptocurrencies, its anything for them, maybe it's just a topic of gossip for them. Isn't it.

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