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Poll: Do you think South Africa will be downgraded tonight?
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Will we survive the junk rating?
SA is on a knife edge as it counts down the hours to the announcement tonight by ratings agency S&P Global Ratings of the country’s sovereign debt in a decision that is likely to have a profound effect on the economy and the political sphere.

What do you guys think about the rating, will be survive.

If we do get downgraded, how would that effect me and you?
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Quote:tandard & Poor’s (S&P) will announce its decision about South Africa’s sovereign credit rating today (Friday). The announcement is expected shortly after the local market closes between 18:00 and 19:00.


In an earlier interview with Bloomberg, finance minister Pravin Gordhan argued that government has taken sufficient steps to avoid a June downgrade.

Moneyweb asked a number of analysts what they expect S&P to announce. This is what they had to say.


Most seem to be thinking December rather than now. IIRC Simon Brown and Nerina Visser also reckons December.
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I tend to agree that we will not be downgraded in June, but rather in December, however the December outcome is very much dependent on how the elections go in August and whether the country can get rid of Zuma before then.

Agreed. Will give ANC "firepower" though to say "hey look at us, we averted junk status" Sad
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Well they got us into this mess, so they better get us out, or else the people will hopefully get them out.

And we are actually in rescission... if one see what is going on with businesses and people paying back debt....

Take a look at the USA, they also growing at below 1 percent this year, so surely we can't be downgraded because of slow growth.

Secondly, they will probably end up with Trump as their next president, so once again, we shouldn't be punished for having Zuma.

Otherwise it's double standards :p

Not so sure about Trump's chanced after Hilary went all Iron Lady on him.

They did a study of countries that were downgraded to junk in recent times and found they all went into recession afterwards which took them about two years to recover from.

As that analyst from Standard Bank said, this downgrade might just be the thing that finally pushes us into recession.
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Well the ZAR just spiked massively into the positive.


I think the US probably did something bad and the USD took hit and the ZAR just remained the same?

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US Jobs Data came in badly, lowest since September 2010 apparently.

ahhh okey yes, that definitely explains it.
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Reports coming in that we survived S&P's rating decision.

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Where can I watch it?

Omg I do not want to miss it.


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" Fitch affirms South Africa's credit rating, keeps stable outlook"

Guess we wait for December now Big Grin

See the ZAR took a massive drop @ 14.8 now

too scared to look at my DBx
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