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Will we see R10/$ ever again?
Two parts to this thread;

Just curious if the ZAR will ever see R10 to the Dollar ever again?

Been thinking lately I want to learn a bit more on forex since my idea is to go long on the ZAR is that possible?

Ie a geared position for 5 years?
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The are only three reasons I can think of how this could happen:

1) China starts creating another economic bubble, which requires huge amount of mineral resources from us to buy
2) South Africa economy actually starts exporting more goods and services (lol) than it imports
3) USA economy does something weird

Nr 1 above is the only likely scenario, so how possible that is in the next five years is difficult to say. You will have to start monitoring China's economy outputs and their supposedly economy strategy/goals for the next 5 years to have a good "feel" if the ZAR will strengthen to 1USD and below.

Very interesting. This actually puts things into perspective a bit more regarding understanding what influences our currency. I think I will set up some google alerts for China and their plans for manufacturing and expanding.
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Well we saw R13.something-something Smile, R2 to go
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I have been thinking for a while now if it would be worthwhile to move some money offshore. Especially looking at the ZAR/Sterling. You can open an account at Standard Bank Ilse of Man (talked to them last year), deposit approx. R 100k and just let it sit there. There is no account fees if you have a minimum amount in the account. Unfortunately there is no interest. So unless you take it our from that account and use it for investing in some other venture in sterling, there will be no growth. But, my thinking was that maybe the pound might strengthen again in a few years time, with the ZAR maybe again losing value.

Another plus is that money is already offshore should you require i for travel purposes.

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