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What was your dumbest investment?
Mine will have to be buying CAPCO just before brexit. I was betting it won't happen.

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Where do I start.......

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I bought Central Rand Gold Limited in 2014 thinking back I have no idea why on earth I did that.
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I had a gut feeling, which was clearly just an indication that I should eat something, instead I invested in CRD, go figure.

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I still have no idea what is going on with ARA , are they even trying to make money or just to scared to invest it in something?

I'll be honest Purply, it really hurts me looking at those investments and they are not even mine Tongue

I once bought MTN before the Nigerian fine...

(02-17-2017, 03:06 PM)JCM Wrote: I'll be honest Purply, it really hurts me looking at those investments and they are not even mine Tongue

Haha yeah, they make my eyes bleed every time I look at them, hopefully time will nurture them back to health and wealth

(02-16-2017, 09:18 AM)Purply Wrote: Where do I start.......

[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=415867&d=1486109303]

the ABC of where not to invest.

but yes i agree - my EE portfolio is not as green as i wish Sad

Resources... you guys.. eish
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Taste Holdings I bought when their share price is at it's high level 300c now I am stuck with 178c value.

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Also start buying taste at a relatively high level, around the time of the Starbucks announcement - started at R4+, but have bought a few times on the way down on now have an average cost of 313. Besides the bad timing though, still happy with my purchase.

My worst trade was a CFD trade on MrPrice - did everything wrong - no plan, no position sizing, no stop loss AND doubled down a few times. The worst thing though, was my exit. Had enough on the 15 Novemeber - at around 11H00 - 126 something. Bye bye R30K. And a rather nice tennis racket got smashed on the court later that day....

But look what happens and hour or so after selling, after having the position for aprox 2.5months. Would have broken even 9 days later at around R152.


But did learn a few things.

purpley that portfolio so reminds me of way back in the day and what mine looked like that I had to track down my password and reply.

Forget the money lost, it's gone. When you've been able to do that (not easy, but important) start having a hard look at what you own and why you own it. Then sell the dogs.

GBI, they're going broke, end of story. Get out while you can.
HAR/CRD, why ? Gold miners are only ever bought when closing a short. Sure they'll run one day but trust me when I say in all my years I know nobody who created wealth via gold miners. They the pits.

CCO/BAT/FFB all good stocks but first two hurting, will recovery in time.

Let's hope STXEMG doesn't turn I to a bad investment. But a fair warning to you guys, I bought some so expect China and the Southern Hemisphere to come crashing down and Murphy knows about it Sad
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