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What smartphone to buy 2017
I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and it's getting a bit sluggish so will need to look at some options. I must add that I often wonder if these phones are not being interfered with by Samsung somehow since my usage didn't changed over the years yet the phone is noticeably slower, despite me browsing the same websites, using the same apps and playing the same game.

Oh well "tin foil" hat views aside, bottom line it's time to upgrade and I want to know what are the options out there for the next top smartphone.

I had a look at the Samsung S8 and honestly I am not impressed concidering my current S6 barely lasts 5 hours this new model doesnt exactly have a battery that instils a sense longevity in me since it is only a 3000mAh battery even the 3500mAh Samsung Galaxy S8 plus feels a bit light in the pants for the job at hand. So Samsung is out. Not to mention the little ram that would mean it's not much off a upgrade from my current model.

What other options are there or should I skip this years generations and go for a new phone in 2018?
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Change contract to sim only and pay discount.
Buy new mid range phone every year or whenever you need it

Battery​life is my top priority on a phone and my P9 Lite lasts quite a while, so maybe if you look at the top of the range Huaweis
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Generally I am against anything Apple, but I suspect they might be the best option on the market in 2017 concidering it's the 10 year anniversary. Assuming you are looking at buying on a contract then whether you go for a G6, S8, HTC 11 whatever, they are all the same price range give or take so based purely on that I would suggest the Apple Iphone 8 on a Telkom Freeme contract if you can.

If you are looking at buying cash, then do what Hamster said, move away from these "brand" phones and buy something else, The Nokia 6 smartphone I think has potential, otherwise if you want to import, do consider the Oneplus 4 or Google Pixel 2

Not going to lie, I am leaning towards the Iphone. However I do not want to get a contract again so I think the financially smart thing to do would be to buy a phone cash. Drawback, my life resides around it. All my business is conducted on it.

Do I want to pay R15K for a phone!?! No.

What does the Oneplus 4 go for these days?
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