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What's Your Most Important Tip?
For those of you who have achieved your income goal(s) ... Or maybe even surpassed them ... What single tip would you give to New People to help them succeed?
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No emotional decisions! Make your strategy and stick to it!

So often, I see guys at the last minute changing their mind and buying a fast rising stock in favor of a solid stock they've been wanting to buy for months. Those fast rising stocks are often near the top, and they stop rising or drop again, whereas they would have made much more on their solid stock had they just stuck to their original strategy.

Thus, my most important tip would be: "No emotional decisions! Make your strategy and stick to it!"

Agreed...but difficult Sad
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I tend to agree on the "Make your strategy and stick to it" part, however more important is knowing when to get out before things start going south, even if it means missing out on more potential profit.

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