What medical aid fund should I choose?
Well, it definitely seems cheaper (a couple o R100 bucks) than Discovery. Medical aid is all jargon to me, but after you've picked your plan (and the "word on the street" is that a hospital plan is enough) you should look at gap cover:

http://www.sirago.co.za/  <- I use that
https://stratumbenefits.co.za/ <- looked at that but since I'm already a Sirago client there's no point in moving

There is some info here https://www.medicalaid-quotes.co.za/gap-cover but you should DEFINITELY look here: http://wellspent.co.za/resources/gap-cover/

Right, I have some reading to do today, will report back.
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I would recommend bestmed and momentum hands down... and I would ALWAYS stay away from discovery unless you can afford their top notch plans.. too many grey areas and little catches with them

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