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What is Vodacom's cancellation costs
I have a contract with Vodacom which I would like to cancel or buy out. 

Without having to go into the shop do any of you know what the estimates would be in order to cancel the Vodacom contract?
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Phone 082 1958, they'll tell you...

Usually you need to pay the rest handset portion of the contract in full, in order to buy out the contract, plus some kind of penalty

Did some quick Googlery:
JSE Finance Forum Attachment - Filename: phone cancel.JPG   

That is some advance math all I am seeing is shafting left right and center when I compare vodacom's cancellation equation to that of Cell C
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Ja nee, Vodacom is always screwing people.

In another note, Cell C is now actively (desperately maybe?) paying people to join its network! Giving up to R10 000 cash back on certain contracts.

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