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What do you think of my investment move?
Hi there 
I am new to cryptocurrencies, a friend of mine recently informed me that you can make tons of profit if you consider investing in cryptocurrencies, I recently made my research and found some coins which might worth investing in for long term. I don't have enough money to spend, that is why I am considering to invest in some undervalued coins with massive potential for long term. I came across a coin which has their own ecosystem called The DIM. I watched the introduction video here:YouTube , I further went through their social media pages just to ask questions regarding their wallet and to check if they are indeed human, and some signs of transparency. The support was so quick to respond to my queries on this link: Facebook the twitter pages here: Twitter. I joined the Telegram group chat here: Telegram just to get the vibe of how the community is like and everything seemed fine to me, the community was so welcoming and I ended deciding that I want to be part of that ecosystem. I went through the website Website which looked good and read good, and I decided to buy some 50 000 DIMCOIN on extrades. I am willing to hold these coin for long term. What do you think of my investment move? and is there any other undervalued coin which is good and you would like to recommend? 

From what I have read so far on dimcoin, it looks like a bad investment to me, so I personally would not touch it. I dont see the potential for this coin, and the website, video or reddit groups etc dont really give much or enough information to satisfy me.
I tihnk there are better looking alt coins that are cheap and with more potential to be used and grow in value. Dimcoin looks like it started at aroudn $0.25c and is now about $0.005c each, so does not have a good track record so far, or for some reason the amount of coins being sold has far outpaced any demand for them.
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