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Well done for making the "news"

Quote:@kristiavh $JSEGLD - becuase Failing goverment = #profit

Big Grin

Bahahahaha yay!!!!

I should have used the Platinum Wealth twitter account!
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Not so sure I agree with this:

@kristiavh Have my full 2yr allocation of TFIA in STXres - but with an exit strategy! In time will catch up & I have time. Exit importantSmile

Won't that negatively impact you if you sell?

My TFIA is a buy and hold till I retire thing thus I will sell once and that is the day after retirement.
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She means sell within the TFIA account. How will that negatively impact her unless she makes a loss?

Personally - way too much admin. Wgen the time is right (possibly March) I'll sell my STXIND and allocate those funds to the new global 40 property ETF. Then it'll just be it, dbxwd and divtrx. I'll schedule an R2500 debit order and leave it on autopilot. No more lump sums every year.

I hate the effort

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