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Web Development and Web Hosting :: PR Konsult
Service/Product Description: Web Design and Development.
Location: Based in Cape Town and telecommute.
Availability: Always open.
About us: I am a businessman and an entrepreneur first. Most of the sites and consulting that I do is tailored to the B2B space, but I do like working with smaller B2C companies helping them outshine competitors with bigger budgets and greater resources. I thrive on building high-quality SEO focused websites, it gives me great pleasure.
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap and many other tools, frameworks, libraries, and components.
What I am looking for: I want to create a few more brochure style websites and focus on local SEO, so if you are someone who wants a website, but does not necessarily need a complex e-commerce site, contact me.
Links (optional): https://PRKonsult.co.za

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution - I can do that as well. All my hosting is done via domains.co.za they are very reliable if not the best hosting company in South Africa, so your website will be hosted via Cpanel/WHM on a domains.co.za VPS. I will also register your domain for you or help you register it yourself and set up the hosting.

Additional services that we now offer:
  • Social media marketing/Social media management (for a monthly price we handle all your content and answer leads for you.)
  • Adwords (We take 10% of your monthly budget as our fee for running it.)
  • Business Add-on when you buy a website. (Logo, letterheads, email signatures, business cards (Printed plus the design) and a brochure design)

I believe in transparency. There are a lot of misconceptions and outright bad ethical behavior in this space; especially if you are a business owner and do not necessarily have the IT knowledge to distinguish between true and false advice.

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