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WATCH LIVE: Motion of No Confidence
Parliament live streaming

Many South Africans are somewhat reluctantly feeling a sense of hope today. The Motion of No Confidence is set to take place from 2 PM and the voting WILL be done in secret.
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Eighth time's the charm?
IQ Test

did it pass?

Oh I see now it is still ongoing - When do they vote?

Political Consciousness

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Malema delivers!
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Meh, don't have time to sit and watch videos at work, do we have a verdict yet?

Still voting
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They are now counting the votes.

No electronic equipment allowed, each party will have a member present.
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Awesime, just in time to hear hopefully

You watching live now as well?
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Awesome, thanks for the live stream.

How long does counting take?

Forever by the look of things :p

They probably counting, then re-counting and re-recounting just to make sure. Unless one person of every party counts it once, which will take even longer.

However I suspect he survives once more as people would have been jumping up and down if it was otherwise.

How long does the counting take - you make me laugh Mr soup.

That's 400 votes, how much chicken does a KFC bucket have?

I'm amazed they didn't outsource the math to a third party.


Oh looks like they are nearing the end now. MPs walking around.

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