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Trading Crypto :: for gentleman that wish to keep their hands clean.....
So looked at the mining thing, of course. Sounds like a great way to get in to crypto - having a small set up humming away earning you BTC while you sleep soundly. And i am sure for many, it works. For me though, I could see multiple problems that could pop up. That said, might try rent hash time at nicehash and probably pretend i am a miner and use spare h/drive space mining burstcoin.

But I do like the idea of trading crypto - very volatile, but lot's of resources out there.

So have opened accounts with a couple of exchanges bittrex and poloniex - joined Luno to initially buy some BTC - transfered cash this morning.

Have also joined a crypto trading room - seem like  a nice group of guys. at this Discord Channel

i do trade CFD's on GT247 - have done it for a while and got to a point where I am at least not loosing!

so will be comparing the two types of trading.

Because on crypto my base currency will be BTC, no position is still definitely a position!

Keep us posted, I do some trading on the side using bitFenix.com

Recently looked at luno too, but I'll need a crash course in candle charts.

So second day.....

For those that trade, the crypto exchanges are open 24/7 - even fx shuts on weekends!

Spikes are MASSIVE. To give you an idea - bought BURST yesterday, kept on going down, little by little for a whole day - was over 20% down in 24 hrs. leveled ou after lunch but still a good 16% down for the afternoon. Then 1 hour ago it spiked - and am now 16% in the green. That's a huge turnaround.

Sorry, before I hit send - now up 24%

Crazy - not sure how i am going to be trading this...trying to formulate a plan

I was also looking at mining but instead went with the trading route.

Bought some BTC on Luno and registered with Bittrex Exchange.

In 2 weeks I increased my initial deposit by 140%. It is crazy to keep up with all the different crypto's. Trading mostly with Altcoins.

Still learning as I go.

The one thing I have decided is that i am not selling at a loss - at least for a couple of montsh or so.

I know. Breaking a huge a trading rule here - but the swings are so huge that even with a 20% stop - you could be knocked out in a day.

So they way I am going to right size the trades is not on a stop, but on the trade as a whole.

But so far so good - couple of good trades, but really the increase in BTC has been huge. last couple of days has seen a bit of red being splashed across the portfolio - but have one largish trade that is doing very well - RDD (started buying at 6, now 66 - my first 10 bagger).

also joined gatecoin - another exchange, not very impressed though. I really do not want to keep wallets on my pc so would rather have my cash spread over a few exchanges instead.

Seems like everyone here is making money with crypto, wish the same could be said about the JSE Big Grin

well, crypto did tank 20% last week as well - but recovered very well. have a fair amount of red - but in 'banked' profit, am up 10% - with a couple more unbanked.

Which alts have caught your eyes guys?

I am on STRAT, GNT, SC and bought into the CFI ICO.

Looking for some extra value too.

(06-07-2017, 12:48 PM)iamkiko Wrote: Which alts have caught your eyes guys?

I am on STRAT, GNT, SC and bought into the CFI ICO.

Looking for some extra value too.

I think SIA coin is the next big thing.
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