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The Van Breda murder trial
Not a whole lot happened today in court as Sharlene Otto took the stand again.

Combrink tried to besmirch the Laboratory in which the samples were tested by showing a picture where some of the people in the lab were not wearing complete coverings as per standard procedures.

Otto clapped back and said that when someone is not working with the samples it is not necessary that they wear all the covers.

And that is it. Until Monday as far as I know.

Have a good weekend.

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Due to the state's witness falling ill and being unable to testify, Desai granted a postponement until tomorrow with an alternative witness. Today's witness will be available next week to testify on blood spatter.

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Ah shucks, and here I'm still waiting for Marli to appear out of thin air.

I think you will still be waiting a while.

The past two days in court have been rather uneventful. To the point of boring.

Combrink was zooming in on an evidence box that was not sealed but was sealed inside a bag when it arrived at the SAPS laboratory. Otto confirmed this but said the sample was not contaminated or else they would have known.

Today in court Sergeant Apollis testified that nobody matching the description of the intruder given by Henri van Breda had ever been found.

Botha pointed out there was a not a lot they could go on if the person was wearing a balaclava. Apollis responded and said that they had gotten perpetrators before with less information, but no one knows anything of the "big" intruder in the De Zalze estate.

He said that the police are generally aware of the usual suspects involved in crime in the area, however, no one could give information on this person Henri described.

The trial continues on Monday.

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Sounds more and more like Henri is guilty AF

Only family blood and no evidence of anyone else.

Now bring on the Marli Big Grin

I've been trying to be objective but it is getting difficult as the prosecution makes a good case. The defense started off strong but I feel they are lacking their vigor lately.

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Today in court we heard that Henri van Breda is fast running out of money to support his case.

The blood spatter expert is still ill and is unavailable to testify. He is apparently the final witness for the state.
(from which I then presume the defence will call Marli)

The state asked for postponement as their expert is ill. Botha objected to this, referring to their own expert they had flown in, incurring costs.

Desai decided in favor of the state. The case is postponed until 11 September.

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Shame, can someone give that ill expert a cup of harden the fkup

(08-22-2017, 07:21 AM)Purply Wrote: Shame, can someone give that ill expert a cup of harden the fkup

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I don't follow to news all that much, but has this "expert" died or something, surely a person can be ill for this long?

Day 36, an interesting day in court. Captain Marius Joubert took the stand after being ill. He has 27 years experience in the police force. He has been a crime scene investigator since 1993.

Blood stain pattern analysis delivers crucial information on how a crime was committed. On 27 January 2015, Colonel Benecke asked Joubert to go to 12 Goske Street to analyze blood. All the blood stains belonged to the victims. 

Credit to News24 for the following notes on all the blood stains that were noted in court today:
- Non spatter on the tile floor at front door entrance.

- Transfer blood stain, suggests contact. Probably created by contact from the object onto the tile floor.

- Non spatter on the tile floor at front door tile, regular shape, no reconcilable pattern.

- Transfer blood stain. Probably created between object and tile floor, resulting in a transfer.

- Non spatter on the tile floor at front door entrance, regular shape, recognizable stain, probably created from the blanket of EMS and dropped onto the tile floor.

- Carpet in front of the staircase leading to the bedroom. Irregular margin randomly distributed blood drops. Probably created from blood dripping from the first floor onto carpet from the first floor (Probably from top floor to ground floor)

- Spatter on the kitchen door, elliptical stain, not possible to find the mechanism responsible. No DNA could be obtained from that sample.

- Spatter stains on the staircase, circular and linear, classified as a drip. blood result of a source of motion. 

- Blood spatter stain on Teresa Van Breda right leg. Random.

- Blood spatter on buttocks of Teresa, circular shape, dripping from a moving object in this area.

-  Non-spatter on the tile floor on first-floor passageway. Regular shape stains, from a source object. Classified as pattern transfer. Probably created between an EMS stretcher and tiled floor.

- Spatter on the tiled floor of the first floor, drip. Probably blood dripping from a moving object.

- Spatter stain on front aspect of the cabinet in the passage. Classified as an impact spatter pattern. Probably a result of a force applied.

- Non spatter on the front of the cabinet in the passage. Described as irregular shape and no recognizable pattern. Swipe patterns. Probably created between blood stained object and surface. Marli's blood.

-  Non spatter on the cabinet on the first floor, irregular shape, no recognizable pattern. Probably made by blood stained fingertips of EMS personnel while assisting Marli van Breda.

- Spatter on the tile floor in front of Henri's room. Elliptical. Impact spatter. Probably caused by force applied to something traveling through the air and resulting in an impact.

- Spatter on the bedroom door.

- Headboard spatter suggests an impact possible. Created by force applied a blunt force which resulted in a spattering of small droplets. Henri's blood.

- Wall spatter against the wall, probably caused by a bloody object. 

- Spatter on bedroom wall, possibly caused by projection

- Spatter on the wall next to Rudi. Elliptical, impact spatter pattern. Probably force applied to blood source on the bed, creating an impact spatter pattern. Rudi's blood.

- Henri's blood found bedroom carpet. Swipe stain (indicating movement).

- Non-splatter blood stains on the floor of Rudi/Henri's bedroom. Complex splatter. Blood clots present in blood stains, Rudi's blood.

- Non-splatter blood stain in their bedroom. Contact stain, created by Rudi or a hair like an object covered in the victim's blood.

- Spatter stains on the staircase wall. Linear, probably caused by blood bearing object striking staircase wall. Rudi van Breda's blood.

Rudi and Maritn's blood in spattering on another part of the wall.

- Wall adjacent to the wall of boys bedroom: can't define mechanism, suggests impact or projection. Teresa's blood.

- Spatter on wall/door frame droplet may be the result of projection.

This goes on for a good long while as Joubert laboriously explained the spatters. 

There was blood found on the shower door handle, tap, door, wall and floor. The blood belonged to Teresa, Rudi, and Henri. 

Henri's gray shorts had various blood spatter stains on the front. Stains found on Henri's shorts: five stains belong to Rudi, 9 to Henri, 5 to Martin, 3 mixed samples. None belonged to Marli. Also possible urine stains on the shorts.

There were multiple spatter stains on Henri's socks. Joubert says the force was applied to a source, traveled through the air and landed on the socks. Blood samples found on the top and sides of Henri Van Breda's socks - 9 from Rudi, 1 from Martin, 1 from Teresa and 2 from Henri.

A number of stains on the scene were made by EMS personnel. 

Blood stain pattern suggests Rudi was grabbed or moved from the bed over the carpet between the beds towards the door. Blood stain pattern suggests Rudi was moved through the pool of blood which resulted in the creation of swipe and wipe patterns. Rudi's blood had time to clot before he was moved, time passed before his upper body on the bed was disturbed, Joubert said.

The most interesting part of today came right at the end when Joubert said, Henri's gray shorts were in close proximity to the blood sources of Rudi and Martin. His socks were in close proximity to the blood sources of Teresa and Rudi. 

The court is adjourned until tomorrow.

Day 37 not a whole lot has happened.

Joubert continued his testimony. He said that Martin was probably attending to his injured son, Rudi, when he was attacked.

Blood spatter suggests Teresa was in the doorway of Henri and Rudi's room when she was attacked, facing her attacker.

Henri's version of being in the doorway of the bathroom when Rudi was attacked is being disputed by Joubert, saying that blood spatter places Henri next to the bed. The blood spatter shows him in close proximity and not in a slightly ajar doorway. There is also no blood spatter on the door or the walls.

Blood stain evidence on the knife is also not consistent with Henri's plea explanation. The mixed blood in the bathroom is thought to be of a cleanup session. Containing the blood of Teresa, Rudi and Martin. Also of which there is no mention in Henri's plea.

Joubert also says the flow patterns of the blood on Henri's upper body does not support his fainting and falling down the stairs version.

Joubert said "It is my conclusion that the evidence does not support the actions/events described in Henri's statement" he also said he can't rule out that the scene was staged.

According to Henri he was in the bedroom when Teresa was attacked, however, blood spatter is on his shorts and socks and it is impossible for blood spatter to travel from the passage around the wall of the bedroom to where he stood. Joubert believes Henri was in view of the attack on his mother.

Joubert thought that with the throwing of the axe he would find blood spatters further up the wall and more distributed but there wasn't.

Joubert said he has no explanation for the moving of Rudi's body, or the knife under the bed.

Desai asked why there was no trace of Marli's blood. Joubert said it's possible because of the distribution of her injuries all over her head and not to just one spot.

Joubert said it's presumptive to think the blood on the shorts could have happened when the EMS were there. He also said from Henri apparently being unconscious on the stairs, some blood did transfer.

The court is adjourned until tomorrow.

Day 38 of the trial. Joubert continued his testimony for the third day.

Botha continued his cross examination if the state's witness. Joubert said that when they arrived on the scene, the blood on the axe was still liquid enough to run down the handle.

Botha then said that there was a foreign allele found near Marli in a sample. Joubert said he could not comment on this as he was not a DNA analyst but a blood spatter specialist.

Botha questioned the fact that Rudi's blood went out the window and landed on the neighbor's wall. He asked whether there should then not be blood on the frames of the window or the lampshade. To which Joubert replied that they can't collect every single spot on the scene, he does not remember. Advocate Botha maintains his stance that the blood had dripped in the path of flight.

According to Henri it was not strange for the family members to use each other's bathrooms. Advocate Botha asked if this could explain the blood in the shower. Joubert said it could. (but honestly who goes to bleed in someone else's shower?)

No DNA of Marli van Breda was found on Henri's shorts or socks or the axe. Captain Joubert said he can't exactly explain this. Desai asked him to do his best to which Joubert said the axe could possibly have been cleaned, as well as the fact that Marli's wounds are distributed, creating new wounds would result in minimum blood transfer. Joubert concedes it is nearly impossible that Marli's blood would not be on the axe.

Advocate Botha said that according to Henri there were two attackers, this could explain the absence of blood and why there is no DNA of her found on Henri. Joubert said "Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence."

The neurosurgeon who treated Marli said in an affidavit that the then 16 year old suffered five deep lacerations on her head, one on her wrist, and one on her neck.

Captain Joubert said that the blood from Marli's attack would go away from the attacker. Position and other variables would influence this.

No blood of Henri was found on any of the victims, nor on either duvets. Botha hammered on that there were unidentified stains. Desai clarified that unidentified does not mean an unknown person. A definitive answer on which of the family's it is could not be found.

The court resumes tomorrow.

I miss watching Dexter, this trial would have been over long ago if he was involved and Herni would have been part of his blood collection.

Day 39 and we got Captain Joubert back on the stand for further cross examination by the defence.

Advocate Botha asked Joubert what the probability is that Henri cleaned himself up. Joubert said that this is a possibility.

Botha and Joubert then continued to argue about Henri's throwing the axe without rotation, not causing the blood spatter Joubert thought he would find. Joubert kept his stance that he believes the axe was not thrown.

Botha said it is not clear where Henri was when he threw the axe so it would be inaccurate to make assumptions about whether it was hit or thrown into the wall.

Advocate Botha then referred to Joubert's finding that Rudi's body was moved. From day 1 Henri stood by it that Rudi was attacked on the bed. The suggestion here is that Henri van Breda manipulated the scene. Botha asked Joubert how it would be logical for Henri to move his body? Joubert said that he does not know.

Botha then referred to the bloody fingerprints of Rudi on the bed base and said they either got there while he was dead or incapacitated or he did them himself. Joubert conceded that this is possible. If Rudi was not dead he could have moved and caused the bloody marks himself.

Joubert said it is possible that Henri harbored a lot of anger towards Rudi and that's why only his position is manipulated. He showed his anger by pushing or dragging Rudi around.

The previous expert, Perumal, said that Rudi could still have lived up to 2 hours and 40 minutes. Joubert said that the amount of blood indicates that Rudi died on the bed. Botha then asked if he could still have lived for so long could he have moved himself? To which Joubert replied that the blood stains don't concur with that.

The court is adjourned until Monday when Joubert's cross examination will continue.

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