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The Van Breda murder trial
Trial in progress, day 2 complete

(04-25-2017, 04:34 PM)Purply Wrote: Trial in progress, day 2 complete

Post updates!

I like how the judge went in loco for an inspection of the home. I'm thoroughly disappointed though that we do not get live coverage.

I can understand some of the witnesses not wanting to be on camera, but I still believe we have a right to viewing the evidence and hearing the defense and the prosecutions case. Through something other than via live tweeting.

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I'm not really following the trial blow-by-blow, so can't do the whole update thing. I generally just read the last article posted on the day for a recap of everything that happened.

It's been pretty meh so far

@Carly1803 give us some updates please
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This just in, Spreadsheet Ranger is lazy af :p

Apparently Die Burger has a speculative article in today's edition?

Apart from that it was a pretty boring day in the trial, just further notes about the security of the home. Advocate Botha said that blood drops were found on the wall of the adjacent house, there are no burglar bars and the gate at one end could easily be scaled.

Court is adjourned till next week Tuesday. 2nd May.

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Is there any new info on this @Carly1803?

I know I can just go and google it, but honestly it's too much for me with all the different news sources, biases and views. I would prefer to just come here and have a human give the gist at the end of each day of what happened.

Nothing more, not a whole lot has happened except a very confusing account from Henri van Breda, an affidavit that his lawyer read to the court.
And the first detective on the scene Kleynhans said that he smelt alcohol on Henri's breath, and by the smell presumably drunk shortly before the arrival of police.

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I wish we had court coverage on this!

Keep us posted Carly1803, thanks.

(04-27-2017, 09:36 PM)LentilSoup Wrote: I wish we had court coverage on this!

Keep us posted Carly1803, thanks.

I have the same wishes! Such a sensitive case could be groundbreaking for our forensics department and judicial system, I still think we have a right to view it, but alas, not my decision.

I'll keep you posted

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I hope they don't drag this out for months on end, I'd prefer having the final verdict within the next 2 weeks.

Already my hopes are sinking and it's only day three.
First and foremost, judge Desai addressed the livestream issue, saying the final say lies with the Supreme Court of Appeal.

And onto the trial:
It started with Advocate Botha cross examining Kleynhans (the first officer on the scene).
There is a lengthy dispute about the possibility of a burglary, as one window was quite a bit open.
Botha: If the window is as it is in the evidence photo, would a person be able to get through it?
Kleynhans: If the person is very thin, it is possible.

Kleynhans says to the court Henri didn't appear traumatized. Yet in his statement he says that Henri seems traumatized. Judge Desai asks him to explain and he was unable to. Advocate Botha ceases this opportunity to say that Kleynhans gave that evidence misleadingly to give the wrong impression of Henri's state. Kleynhans admitted he made a mistake, albeit not deliberately.

There is further dispute about how open the back door was, ajar could be different things to different people.

My hopes sink as I once again feel that our police does not have the competence to thoroughly investigate, and along with that much less testify in court.

Advocate Botha has 21 years experience at the Cape Bar, and is giving Kleynhans all his days on the stand.

Advocate Botha is saying Kleynhans is either misleading the court, or his recollection is awful.
Kleynhans retorts that it took place three years ago and that it's human to forget.

Kleynhans testified it didn't look like a crime scene, with valuables still there. He then concedes and says things may have been stolen, as he didn't know the house.

It seems Kleynhans took pictures at least before the scene where Marli and her mother were laying got disturbed.

There is photo evidence of blood droplets near the black gate next to the house.

Kleynhans didn't check the house for any attackers. When asked about the alcohol he allegedly smelt on Henri's breath advocate Botha says that Henri had wine the evening before with his family, there were no drugs or substances found in his system.

Since 2002 there have been 24 break ins at the estate.

Next on the stand was Lorenzo Afrika, who worked for the security company of the estate. He is responsible for checking that the electric fence is operational, and to go to specific points in the estate to make sure all is in order. Geotab system and the clocking system shows that Afrika had done all his duties that night. He checked the electric fence and barrier fence five times during his shift. He testifies that there were no alarms triggered that evening and that the fence is very accurate and anything that touches it will activate the system.

And that's it for today.

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Thank you for the condensed update Carly

A thought popped into my mind yesterday, a twister of note one might say, but what if Marli was the actual attacker and Henri ended up defending himself against her, ultimately knocking her out in the process and now protecting her.

Figured since everyone else has their own vision of what happened that night I might as well mix in some flavoring while we at it.

If this was a movie, my version would more than likely be the end scene, with the audiences minds blown

However this is real life, with Henri still guilty af, until proven otherwise.

That's a pretty gnarly idea. Definitely some movie stuff.

Of course I'd like to believe that he is guilty. But the police is botching this case again so badly, you wouldn't even know what is the truth anymore.

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