The Van Breda murder trial
This is one bloody mess

Today in court Captain Joubert was still being cross examined. Advocate Botha was asking about the blood flow on Henri's chest and of his forearm wounds. Botha showed a photo of blood on Henri's chest that deviates slightly to the left. Joubert said the reason for this could be from running after his attacker, his fall, fainting.

Joubert described the blood from his forearm wounds as both a flowing and a smear. Botha suggested this could be from falling and brushing against something.

There are numerous flow patterns on the face of Rudi van Breda, not all going the same direction. Joubert said he can't confirm which was created first. Joubert says deviations can be caused by saturation in his hair and the contours of his face. He said Rudi could have changed position after the first blow for the blood to flow in a different direction, he was lying on his back for a while to create the amount of blood. And quite possibly created some wipe patterns in his blood himself.

There are three transfer patterns: the plug, the wall and the bathroom entrance. Botha then said that Rudi was dead when his head pushed against the wall in the three places. Joubert agreed. Botha said but this is impossible for Henri would have been standing in the blood and there was no blood beneath his socks. Joubert argued that Rudi could have been dragged by his feet and this could explain the movement of his arms. There are many possibilities.

Botha wanted to know where the drag marks were. Joubert said for two thirds of the stain there is none but there are signs of it in the last part of the stain. Joubert said he didn't find any bloody marks on Rudi only smears from a bloody object making contact with the skin.

Botha asked where the anger comes from? Joubert said it's an opinion, and that he is not a behavioral analyst.

They moved on to the beginning of Henri's plea explanation, that he was on the toilet, not bothering to flush. There is a photo of the contents of the toilet. Henri heard more than one person in the house.

Botha then refers to pictures of the bedding after the crime, the bedding seems to be mistakenly have been switched according to notes. Joubert then referred to evidence photos which correspond with his labeling.

Galloway then reexamines Joubert. She asks if Henri made a call at 4:24 what the blood pools would have looked like? Joubert said that they would be liquid.
Galloway also asked for signs of someone fleeing? Joubert said there were no unidentified shoe prints, no blood drips from a weapon and there is no sign Marli was attacked with a different axe. Joubert said Marli's blood could have been missed when taking the swabs.

Joubert also said he asked during the investigation for an indication where Henri fell on the stairs but his reps wouldn't give more information. Also no information when he asked where Henri stood when he threw the axe.

The state then said Marli expressed she does not want to be made available to the defence, confirms that she still suffers from memory loss. She will not be testifying I'm the trial.

The case is adjourned until Thursday.

Oh fiddlesticks, no Marli testifying makes for one sad panda.

(09-19-2017, 01:05 PM)Purply Wrote: Oh fiddlesticks, no Marli testifying makes for one sad panda.

I thought you would be quite despondent, as am I. What a sad day. It seems the trial is coming to a close though.

Close, are you certain, it looks rather jumbled and scattered in it's current form from my point of view.

If I had to choose whether he is guilty or not I wouldn't be able to say with 100% certainty that he is, which leaves a rather fragmented picture in my mind's eye Sad

Let me not even start on why the girlfriend or even friends of Henri never reached the stand so that one could perhaps ascertain his state of mind leading up to the horrors that passed.

It truly boggles the mind at how little we really know about Henri at this stage in time.

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