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The Confidential Report Webinar - November 2017
Dear fellow investors,

We are hosting a free webinar this evening at 18:30 which will include a single comprehensive report covering the month and provide an overview of factors impacting the JSE including political developments, international markets, the local economy, commodities, currencies, individual JSE-listed stocks, and much more.

To join, click on the following link at 18:30:


NOTE: This is a FREE educational webinar (not a sales pitch) aimed at anyone who is interested in investment in South Africa.


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Me likey

Im in


10 minutes to go.

@Bandit and @Groovy you guys watching?
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Thanks guys was a super insightful webinar, look forward to Decembers.

I liked it as well.

Small criticism, add an agenda next time in the text below the video like the description and on here, for example, you guys touched on brilliant topics, the blockchain, long for life, Rolfes all things I found very insightful and others might as well.

All in all, this was very insightful.
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No I didn't watch it Sad What did I miss?
IQ Test

Thanks for the suggestions. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here:


We apologise for the quality - the screen seems to be a bit blurry, however we believe there are settings adjustments we can make in YouTube to rectify this and will investigate it for next time.

Also, we do have notes for our webinars which are quite a lot more comprehensive, going into much more detail than what there's time for during the actual webinar. You can access the notes for last night's webinar here:


Thanks for the support. Hope to have you all watching on the 6th of December. I'll post another thread here on the day with the link.


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