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The Bitcoin thread
Bitcoin's price is again in the loss today at $8927 with -5.37% loss.  Sad

Bitcoin's price is again in the loss today at $8927 with -5.37% loss.  Sad

(04-26-2018, 08:19 AM)mat Wrote: Bitcoin's price is again in the loss today at $8927 with -5.37% loss.  Sad

Think longer term.

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You can't use those figures to predict the future. Our politicians will call it opportunistic but I'll stick to calling it biased. "Give me the data and tell me what you want it to show" type of thing. You are not factoring in things like sentiment, recent popularity, futures trading, regulation and many more things all of which drastically changed over the last 12 months. And what about the growth prospects if BTC suddenly becomes widely accepted as a currency and people actually start spending it? What happens when we have loadshedding again and SA miners cannot operate?

Tell you what, if you can guarantee me half of the 576,477% growth in the last 7 years over the next 10 years then we can talk. If you can't then the data in that table is pointless.
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You are right, unfortunately nobody can predict the future price of bitcoin, but in a few years there is a very good chance it will be much higher than it is now. The new supply will continue to go down (-50% every 4 years), and (hopefully) the demand will continue to go up.
I wish there was a guarantee of the same gains, I am hoping for at least 1% of the last 7 years growth (5764%) in the next 10 years. Maybe it wont even be close to that, maybe it will be more. The risk / reward ratio looks pretty good when you use historical prices, since the past prices is the only thing we know for sure.
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Hows everyone still doing with their bitcoin? Holding? Trading? Buying more? Out of the market?
I have been trading a lot with my trading stash, growing the bitcoin in the accounts. I have buy and sell orders set and also stop limit orders set at certain prices. On good days both the buy and sell orders have been hit with all the volatility Smile
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I've been trading the wedge lately -- for the past 3 months, been really accurate so far.

With that said, I think we are now heading into the spiral territory, so I am out of the trades, sitting on cash.

I will put 20% in if we dip to $4900 and then 15% for every $300 below that.

(This is just trading, my long-term portfolio is still hodl for the moon, I did not sell any BTC yet.)

I actually made a nice profit with Theta when they listed on binance.

We probably need a general altcoin thread too?

Bitcoin Remains at $6,300 as Crypto Market Gains Stability amid Low Volumes. Bitcoin price has dropped slightly by 1 percent over the past 24 hours, declining below $6,400. Bitcoin recorded a daily volume of around $3 billion while Ethereum struggled to see a volume of over $1 billion. Bitcoin has tumbled below $6000. 

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Interesting tweet https://twitter.com/coinbase/status/1013786794700070912
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