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The A2X Exchange
A2X plans to offer choice to the market through the provision of an equities trading platform at reduced transaction costs with outstanding performance.

The A2X model is a Multilateral Trading Facility styled exchange platform operating as follows:

Trading in qualifying equity securities;
The matching engine will be an anonymous central order book;
All orders will be lit and matched on price/time priority;
All trades will be on-market;
A high performance, low latency platform; and
Using internationally proven technology.

All trades executed on the platform will be cleared by A2X Clear as follows:

Clearing will take place on a mutlilateral basis;
Settlement will be on a T+3 rolling contractual basis;
Settlement will be assured and monitored by the A2X settlement committee; and
Strate will be the appointed Central Securities Depository.

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Is this exchange open yet?

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