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Takealot Vouchers Thread
If you have a Takealot voucher and not planning to use it feel free to help out and post it here Smile

You can post any voucher really I guess.
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I actually use vouchercloud.co.za often, you get all sorts of vouchers for free, for online shopping discount codes and even discount codes when you pay your food bill at some places. Really works well

heres a wantitall.co.za voucher for 15% off, use at checkout : WIA15OFF

Sweet !! Thank you
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I don't have any at the moment but I have seen some nifty discounts on https://www.picodi.com/za/ .
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ebucks vouchers are also great, usually buy Makro vouchers @ -30% and spend them at the liquour shop  Big Grin , especially now that they have Klipdrift @R100...

Groupon emailed me a 20% off voucher, only valid until 13h00 today. I've only ever bought food/drink vouchers from them, it's the only thing that's actually a bargain.
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Not Takealot, but did not want to make a new thread:

Zando Vouchers

R250 OFF R1 000 | use code: FNB250
R500 OFF R1 500 | use code: FNB500
R700 OFF R2 000 | use code: FNB700

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