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Stock Watch Thread

BTW - have been using divi's to buy Lewis. Basically, if SA inc starts to move again retailers should start picking up. Lewis is well run (even if I would not be a customer) - on a low sub 10 P/E (around 8.5) - NAV is R60. They also not geared at all and have around 680mill in the bank - so no chance of going under. In the last couple of years they have increase their footprint by buying failing competitors. When times are good, they are big dividend payers.

Might be still some down side - but I am just adding as and when divi's arrive,

Yup, not very exciting, and will not shoot the lights out - but not that risky in my book, and in a a couple of years you could be seeing a very healthy dividend.

I think I'm going to look into Lewis, your the third person now that mentioned them basically in the sense that, safe boring company that should do well when the economy starts again.
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