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Stock Watch Thread
Sorry Purple group shares.

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Sanlam buy 30% for R100 mil (so EE is worth R330 mil?) is more a "bailout" in an attempt to stop the inevitable than a vote of confidence.

Let's see if the know what to actually do with that money because I have very little faith in their platform. To me it feels very manual hidden behind a shiny UI.

I do hope I'm wrong but I've tested and used a few of these low cost platforms (haven't dralt with Sygnia yet) and the general feeling I get is that you get what you pay for.

Least amount of issues I have had has been with FNB, ABSA and Stanlib.
IQ Test

Is Moneyweb being bought over?

You’ve got shares in Moneyweb Holdings Limited – listen up, we’ve got important news.

You have qualified to the Scheme of Arrangement between Moneyweb and its shareholders in terms of which African Media Entertainment Limited (AME), a listed company, will acquire all of the issued share capital of Moneyweb (excl shares already held by AME and treasury shares) for the scheme consideration.

The scheme consideration is R0.26 per Moneyweb share held OR 1 African Media Entertainment Limited share for every 250 Moneyweb shares held.
All conditions have been fulfilled and the scheme has now been declared unconditional.

What does this mean for you? You will have to sell your Moneyweb shares for one of the options mentioned above. Once the scheme has been concluded, Moneyweb will delist from the JSE.

Here’s how the Scheme will affect you:
• You will no longer be able to trade Moneyweb Holdings Limited shares from Wednesday 16 August 2017 as the shares will be suspended from trading on the JSE.
• On Monday 21 August 2017, we will close out your Moneyweb Holdings Limited shares and allocate your entitlement based on your election.
• The listing of Moneyweb Holdings Limited shares is expected to be terminated at the commencement of business on Tuesday 22 August 2017.

Let us know if you would like to receive the share option by clicking on the button in the election section below. You need to do this by no later than 10AM on 17 August 2017.
If you would like to receive the cash option, you don’t need to lift a finger! The cash option is the default option which means you would automatically receive the cash.
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PSG 20 year chart, some may say Jannie Mouton is the original Bitcoin.

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@Spreadsheet Ranger i own some Purple Group shares, I'm in this for the long haul. It does test my faith every now and then, but which share doesn't??

I am also a purple group share owner!

Groovy mah man!

I also hodl purple group, I hope this Sanlam deal is more funding than management.
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did own PPE a while ago - I liked the story, Capitec of the stockbroking world. And although I think the products are fantastic value - have never been that impressed when having to deal with their normal, back office staff. It seems you need to speak to one of the managers or CEO to actually get anything done. Should add, did have to deal with a local absa branch to get some fica paper work to ABSA stockbrokers - that service was shocking - started with the local branch not even knowing what or who absa stockbrokers were!

Capitec of the Stockbroking world. I like that.

Does anyone own TAW?

No. It is interesting though. Pretty speculative though - understand they will start actually making money in the 1 st Qtr next year.

Curro vs Others

With SA's current climate is it still wise to buy into private education? I am getting the feeling that the ANC government will try all there is to try in order to make life hard for these private education institutions.

One thing I picked up on curro's results - they only seem to be building new schools in Gauteng and WP. Have Curro and have a tiny bit of advitech which i was adding too. But my current thinking is I have way to many small caps (and there reliance on SA). I need some bigger, international companies - so will be putting all divis into ANH for a while anyway.

Awesome, thanks.

I'll be looking at ANH.

Market most unhappy with COH.
SNH clawing back.

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