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Stock Watch Thread
(07-06-2016, 11:21 AM)Sebulba Wrote:
(07-05-2016, 10:31 AM)Sebulba Wrote: Ok, seems that the green on my screen started turning red, so I climbed out of Harmony and DRDGold, 16% and 12% up respectively  ....

Well fck my insecurities this morning...

Question is when to get out of these gold stocks 'cos when they fall, boy... do they fall.
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All my gains wiped of the table. This is a terrible year overall actually.
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So, RandGold, yay or nay? I want to get back on gold, but not sure where to park my moola for now.

What do you guys think of Grand parade investments?

They bringing dunkin donuts into sa...

So looking at my short term investment portfolio tonight on Easy Equities. I have bought gold three times, making a profit and each time selling thinking it's on its way down again. There seems to be a lot of green everywhere, even my CCO is showing profit after i was finally able to get the average down to 55.92.

I am looking at Trusco again I have been watching them for years.

Duel listed here and in Namibia but what attracts me is they own and bought up a lot of prime land surrounding Windhoek and waiting to sell it later on when there is no property available something like that.
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(06-05-2016, 10:30 PM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: Yea, I want to sell my MTN this week, my average purchase price is R126, so I am in the profit, but I want to sell at R140. Hoping it will hit that by thursday, although I think it will only get there closer to the end of the month. Unless some rediculious news comes out of Nigeria and it totally tanks out to double digits.

Hi just my 5 cents, maybe the market is slowly falling in love here again MTN has finally resolved it’s Nigeria issues.
Also the market could be going a bit more defensive on one side, investors will be liking our telcom’s on valuations I think.
see what happens at 144

Definitely with new management in place MTN is set for greatness.
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I see the JSE is taking a hit today what factors are playing a role today? Not in front of a computer today
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Taking hits like there is no tomorrow

really liking EQS the past 6 months as a trade idea

How risky is derivatives and futures? Comparing for someone who has enough chest for risk?
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(07-28-2016, 08:15 PM)pratlou Wrote: How risky is derivatives and futures? Comparing for someone who has enough chest for risk?

Risk to me is a funny thing.
Since I don't see it as risk if I don't spend my life's savings so to speak.

Take Lonmin and MTN, both would be classified as risky investments at the time yet to me it was a easy win form the start, they where low they wont close so what is the result? Ride the wave and take the profit. 

On a more serious note regarding derivatives and futures?
This link should answer that question in a lot more detail than what I can come up with:
Link -> http://www.investopedia.com/articles/act...-risky.asp

Futures are a great vehicle for hedging and managing risk; they enhance liquidity and price discovery. However, they are complicated and one should understand them before taking on any trades. The call for regulating standardized derivatives (exchange or OTC based) could have the negative side effect of drying up liquidity to fix something that is not necessarily broken.
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These of you guys who like ROC and NEPI I see NEPI's Interim results will be published on 10 Aug 2016 (Wednesday)

JSE:EXX- Exxaro

Trust the growth
·       Target price R102, implying an upside of 24% from the current share price.
·       Exxaro’s ability to grow earnings(7% CAGR).
·       Dividend pay outs (4% CAGR) for FY16e.


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