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Status update
At some point I worry that self driving cars will go a route just to ensure you see certain stores or billboards, the real world equivalent of a pop up ad.

That's some out of the box thinking, but now that you mention it it makes so much sense.

Thank you for crapping on my hope for the future Sad
IQ Test

It's only a matter of time before artists start releasing songs to fcck with voice-recognition technology. "Alexa, play 'What's the Weather Like?' by Skip Song"

Big Grin
IQ Test

When someone says "so tell me a little bit about yourself". I suddenly forget who tf I am
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You 'hear' a lot about letters being silent, but the h in "sure" is invisible.

As a kid, I thought "Stop drop and roll" was going to be a much more important part of my adult life than it turned out to be.

Being completely naked feels less naked than being naked with shoes on
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Is the gender-neutral term for “sugar daddy” “glucose guardian”?

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