Something seriously wrong with criptos
I take it they'll maintain it the same way Bidorbuy does - push the transaction through Luno

Would be interesting to see if somebody actually used it.

I would use it Tongue

I shop at Pick n Pay regularly so maybe on a good day when BTC is up ill spend some there.

(I still think it's a bit early/unwise to get rid of your bitcoins at this stage. For us in a functional country.)

Getting off topic, but for someone in Argentina or Zimbabwe or Cyprus bitcoin is probably a necessity for them and is wise to use it for day to day living, but in SA for the time being whilst we still have a functional economy rather buy more bitcoin and keep it as the value goes up, buy it as gold.
Buy altcoins with bitcoins here Changelly

(09-17-2017, 07:26 AM)Bandit Wrote: Well well well:

For a limited time (trial run?)

The only problem is. You go in pick and pay with R2000 worth of bitcoin. An hour later after nice shopping when you get to the till. Walla R2000 missing and you cant pay.

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