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(10-23-2017, 09:16 PM)MrDividend Wrote: Firstly I have owned a small amount of Intu for a few years. Initially did well - but now sitting on a loss. Not a very good divided payer ether. Hmmm, not sure why I own them - guess at this point just do not want to take the loss! They do own great assets though. Most of the pro's like hammerson more. I don't think having some UK exposure is a bad thing - but as they shares might be in the doldrums for a while, you might want to get a decent dividend while waiting for things to pick up. 

My UK exposure is through Intu, Atlantic leaf (industrial/ great dividend), Redefine Inter (I wouldn't be adding) and Texton (SA REIT, with around 40% exposure to the UK, fantasic dividend but very unloved so wouldn't recommend, but after Capitec, my biggest holding). Did look at Capital And Regional - look well run, they like to sell mature assets then reinvest - decent divi as well. The other interesting one is Equities - on the surface looks good - modern logistics in SA and UK - good for the future I guess.

But, for me, would look at safer oversea investments first - no one knows what will happen to the UK. Sirus (germany, small industrial units, the great at developing sites) - NepiRockcastle (Retail, cover most of the CEE region but strong focus on Romania and Poland) - or Ecko Polska (just poland). I really like all three - as a region a feel Poland will do well with is population size as well as the poles are hardworking and value education.

Oh wow. This is great, you are good at this. Great info, I'm definitely learning a lot from you.

I'll look into getting Atlantic leaf and Ecko Polska. I'll go read about them first.
Thank you very much man!

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