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Sanlam old mutual santam downgraded
So as the title says sanlam ,old mutual, liberty and santam have all been downgraded.

If you're thinking of switching your current investments and life policies now is a good time to jump ship especially with liberty.

Basically liberty have been reporting loss and recently they have had a very cheap product which now looks like they won't be such a wise choice.

The only other companies Not yet downgraded is
Discovery and momentum.the only reason why the above are not downgraded is due to them using third parties as asset managers and the core focus on such companies are not based on asset management.

So then end of story is basically that if you're planning pull out investments before they get worse use Discovery lol not only because I work for them but the products on offer such as the dollar life plan whereby the dollar is fixed at a price of 10.81 for the next 30 years seems very interesting.

Hope you find this read useful

Raees Dawood
Discovery Financial Adviser

This downgrade is hitting deeper and deeper.

Yep hitting hard clients going mad with worry

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