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S&P 500 coming to SA

Quote:Index-tracking product provider CoreShares has announced the launch of two new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the South African market. The CoreShares S&P 500 ETF and CoreShares S&P Global Property ETF will be available to local investors from early November.


Now that is going to rock!!!!!
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(10-13-2016, 07:28 AM)[email protected] Wrote: http://www.moneyweb.co.za/mymoney/moneyw...mes-to-sa/

Thanks Albert - I was on my way to post this link as well, but see that you beat me to it!

If I buy the S&P will I have duplication considering I already own DbxWD
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Did anyone else get this email from Easy Equities regarding the new Coreshares S&P 500 and Global Property ETF's??

Hey Werner

We’re giving you first dibbs!

You might have heard about the new Coreshares S&P 500 and Global Property ETF's which will be available to buy on EasyEquities from 4 November.

For those of you who are keen on getting first dibbs on these ETF’s, Coreshares has offered you the opportunity to participate in an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This means you’ll be able to put in a request to be the first to buy the new ETF’s at their opening price when they become available.

Once we have collected all the requests from our users, we’ll send this request through to Coreshares and if they are able to – they’ll allow us to execute those requests when the market opens. There are quite a few variables they’ll need to consider (the outcome is not a given) and may only be able to offer EasyEquities a certain overall purchase amount, meaning you won’t get the full investment amount you were hoping for.

Here’s an example to make things easier to understand:

If you decide you’d like to participate in the IPO and select R100 to invest in the Coreshares S&P 500 ETF, this request will go into a pooled offer from EasyEquities to Coreshares with all the other users who want to participate. We’ll then present this total amount, which let’s say amounts to R5000, to Coreshares and if they are happy you’ll get the R100 investment in the Coreshares S&P 500 ETF you were after. However, they might come back to us and say that they are only able to issue half of the amount we’ve requested, which means you’ll only be able to get R50 investment in the Coreshares S&P 500 ETF.

Either way you’ll be notified of the outcome via email on 25 October, which is the last day to participate in the IPO.

Find out more about these new Coreshare ETF’s by listening to this webinar or read about them on the Coreshares website:

Coreshares S&P500

Coreshares S&P Global Property


Would I consider it? Only if I had a big lump sum available. Think I'll rather wait for march.
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What happens in March?
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(10-21-2016, 04:06 PM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: What happens in March?

New financial year, TFSA
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Oh ja!
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