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Prepaid Electricity
This is a multi question/discussion thread about Prepaid Electricity.

How much do you spend on prepaid electricity a month?

Does it really matter weather you buy on the 1st, 2nd fourth, middle of the month twice in one month etc?

Does the price per units change whether you buy from Capitec/yourBank's app, pick n pay, online like MyPrepaidAirtime etc?
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From my understanding, the date doesn't matter on which you buy, but the total amount in a calendar month does. If you buy more than a certain value during the calendar month you get charged more. More you use, more you get charged. Yet, i'm not sure when exactly the month starts, i.e. 1st to 31st, or 15th to 15th. I don't believe the rates change, except perhaps an admin fee if you buy using an app vs going to the picnpay.

That does makes sense I have heard about that calendar month usage business I will need to find out because lately my usage varies between R500 and R800 per month, I use the same amount of units nothing changes I just think I am getting less and less units each time I buy.
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