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PPC a solid share to back?
Anyone holding shares in PPC? Been reading up about them quite alot and seems like they are in a good position to start performing well within the next 2 years?

Any comments or thoughts?

I think @Purply is a PPC guy

@Purply any thoughts or comments from your side? Would greatly appreciate it.

I bought in at that same time Purply and the others did, I sold shortly afterwards - I thought the company was going to close.

I held PPC for a very very long time, however can't recall what exactly happened when which forced me to sell as price was just plummeting, so took my small gain and left.

All the talk of mergers and/or buyouts makes for a very bumpy ride.

Haven't been keeping track of them for awhile though, so not sure which direction things are heading currently.

@purply, thanks, noted.

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