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PIVX - Private Instant Verified Transaction - Most Private POS coin on the market
[Image: Ee2tCyg.png]

What is PIVX?
PIVX is a POS (Proof of Stake) Cryptocurrency originally known as Darknet However it was re-branded earlier this year.

The main goal of PIVX is to bring real privacy back by introducing ZeroCoin for the first time in a POS coin (Update: Adding Zpiv on 16th October 2017) as well as Automated TOR integration making PIVX the most anonymous POS coin available on the market as well as one of the fastest.

PIVX also aims to be a community centric cryptocurrency with an extremely fair governance system, which for the first time in the "cryptoverse" will soon allow all PIVX masternodes as well as Staking wallets to partake in the voting of proposals.

Another major goal for PIVX is to become a global payment method with Point of Sale machines and one of the fastest payment confirmation times of only 1 minute and even faster with the SwiftTX function combined with the safety of every block having double validation which means that every transaction with PIVX is more secure than almost every cryptocurrency out there due to the fact that others only validate once either with their miners or masternodes, Where PIVX uses both the Masternodes and Stakers ensuring that the transaction cannot be spoofed.

PIVX is also a Proof of Stake coin meaning you can help secure the network by leaving your wallet online 24/7 with balance inside and in return you will earn a passive income by receiving random payouts of up to 2.25 PIVX. Learn more by going here https://pivx.freshdesk.com/solution/arti...t-staking-

[Image: B2zDYk0.png]

PoS Phase Period: August 17 2016 to Forever
Block Time: 60 Seconds with retargeting every block (approx. 1440 blocks per day)
PoW Phase Max Coin Supply: 43,199,500
PoW Algorithm: Quark
PoW Block Reward: [block# 2-151200] 250 PIV [block# 151201-259200] 50 PIV
Premine: [block# 1] 60k Premine for creation of 6 Masternodes for the functioning of the network.
Premine: [block# 1] 60k Premine was publicly burned at block 279917. No more premine exists.
PoW Rewards Breakdown:
[Block 000002-043200] 20% MN (50 PIV) / 80% MINER (200 PIV)
[/i][Block 043201-151200] 20% MN (50 PIV) / 70% MINER (200 PIV) / 10% BUDGET (25 PIV)
[/i][Block 151201-259200] 45% MN (22.5 PIV) / 45% MINER (22.5 PIV) / 10% BUDGET (5 PIV)

PoS Rewards Breakdown:
PoS Phase 1: [blocks 259201-302399] 50 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 2: [blocks 302400-345599] 45 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 3: [blocks 345600-388799] 40 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 4: [blocks 388800-431999] 35 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 5: [blocks 432000-475199] 30 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 6: [blocks 475200-518399] 25 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 7: [blocks 518400-561599] 20 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 8: [blocks 561600-604799] 15 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase 9: [blocks 604800-647999] 10 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete)
PoS Phase X: [blocks 648000-Infinite] 05 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (In-Progress)

[Image: ?u=http%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FYfZYPHD.pn..._zAG-geszw]
AltEx Exchange
Living Room Of Satoshi


Did you know PIVX:
  • Has a 24/7 support team paid by the network.
  • Sponsors a Polish Soccer team.

  • Sponsors a Australian body boarding team,

  • Hosts meetups around the globe almost every 2-4 weeks.

  • Is currently working on LEDGER integration.

  • With ZeroCoin is the most anonymous POS coin.

  • Has a livechat, support desk and a support channel.

  • Has almost weekly video updates.

  • Is trading on over 10 exchanges.

  • Has an android wallet.

  • The most languages available out of any cryptocurrency.

  • Over 8000 members on slack.


Website - https://pivx.org

Slack - https://slack.pivx.org

Reddit - https://reddit.com/r/pivx/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/_pivx

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PIVXCrypto/

Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1262920.0

Exchanges - https://pivx.org/get-pivx/exchanges/

Road Map - https://pivx.org/what-is-pivx/roadmap/

Freshdesk - https://pivx.freshdesk.com/

There will be meetups hosted by me and the South African Team regarding PIVX and Cryptocurrencies in South Africa, So make sure to keep in touch and join the PIVX slack.

With love from PIVX to South Africa

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