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Online broker in Europe
Hey guys, looked around the internet and this seems to be the place to ask.

I'm currently planning on leaving SA end of 2019 to further my studies abroad (if I'm honest I probably would love to come back afterwards but its unlikely).

Im contemplating my investment decicions, currently investing in ETF's this side. But it feels detrimental to me to be spending in euros and to be paid in ZAR. Thus I'm concidering starting a account that side and rather investing my monthly contributions there.

Does anyone know of a european equivalent of EE (or related platform) that they would recocmend and where you dont need to be a resident that side yet.

Was hoping to fund it via one of thise FNB chanel island accounts (if possible)

So far it seems that Ireland has good tax treties with SA any advice on this regard (Im planning to study in Germany though)

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