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New to the world of investing
Hi all

I recently just started with a TFSA. I also just started gaining information on ETFs learning as I go along. This is all very vague to me at this stage but I hope to gain knowledge, build a profitable portfolio and acquire wealth if that is possible.

Welcome to the forum!

I was in the same boat when I first arrived here, but I've learned a lot since then thanks to some of the threads in here.

Actually a lot of this is not as difficult as it first appeared to me, especially ETFs which I also only recently got into.

That's awesome to hear.

Any advice for me?

(03-29-2018, 10:39 AM)Derell Wrote: That's awesome to hear.

Any advice for me?

Do a lot of reading, there is a massive amount of information out there. My best tip will probably be to look at cost, what are the fees associated with the platform you are using. I'm not saying always go for the cheapest option, but saving 1% on fees over a 20-30 year period can have a big impact.

That's a great tip when i think about it long-term. I will be sure to check the costs involved in my chosen platform.

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