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New ETFs thread
(03-10-2018, 10:45 AM)SimonPB Wrote: they weight by ERC – Equal Risk Contribution .. here's vid of the presentation from Thursday on the methodology, weighting etc.


Thanks Simon. That video was extremely instructive. Much appreciated!

(03-10-2018, 12:59 PM)Bandit Wrote: @SaurusDNA, it's not the rebalancing interval, it's the cost. 0.5% TER is high for an ETF like this IMO. Just wondering where the costs are coming from considering it trades less than their other ETFs on the same exchange but at double the cost.

You're right - it is high. It's the same TER as the low volatility, which re-balances quarterly, so it doesn't make sense, although in the video, they say the TER will be reassessed and adjusted after a year once the actual costs are known.

Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF launching - The anticipated date for listing on the JSE is Tuesday 10 April 2018

Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF

The Satrix Nasdaq 100 ETF aims to replicate the performance of the Nasdaq-100 index and enables you to invest in the 100 largest, non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in a single trade. It will be listed on the JSE which means you can invest in South African Rand and are therefore not subject to any exchange control approvals. As this is a total return ETF, the income from the underlying securities is automatically reinvested and no distributions will be made. The Total Expense Ratio (TER) will be targeted at 0.48% p.a. and will be calculated after 1 year.

Fact sheet - Click Here
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Waiting for this one. Here's the index fact sheet: https://indexes.nasdaqomx.com/docs/NDX_FS.pdf
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(03-14-2018, 12:35 PM)Bandit Wrote: Waiting for this one. Here's the index fact sheet: https://indexes.nasdaqomx.com/docs/NDX_FS.pdf

Might give the Technology ETFs a bubble for it's money.

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Do we get the MSCI Nigeria ETF on EasyEquities?

Link to ETF https://www.globalxfunds.com/funds/nge/

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