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New ETFs thread
(01-25-2017, 07:00 AM)Spreadsheet Ranger Wrote: There is now a dollar ETF


Is this an alternative to buying dollars via Forex? What are the differences?
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Listing of AMI Big50 ex-SA Participatory Units

The information as it appears below has been extracted from the

Programme Memorandum and the Supplement relating to the AMI Big50

ex-SA ETF and utilises the terms and definitions contained therein.


The JSE Limited (“JSE”) has approved the listing on the Main Board

of the JSE, Participatory Units in the AMI Big50 ex-SA ETF which

aims to track the AMI Big50 ex-SA Index and is an ETF in the Cloud

Atlas Collective Investment Scheme in Securities.

The AMI Big50 ex-SA Index

The AMI Big50 ex-SA Index is a market capitalisation weighted index

designed to serve as a benchmark for a broader representation of the

African equity markets, excluding South Africa.

In order to be eligible for inclusion in the AMI Big50 ex-SA Index a

company must be listed on an African exchange that is a member of

the African Securities Exchange Association (“ASEA”). The current

ASEA member exchanges are seen on http://www.african


Quote:The AMI Big50 ex-SA Index is a market capitalisation weighted index

Why? Cry Why can't they have limits Sad
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Official site: https://www.cloudatlasinvesting.com/ami-big50-ex-sa-etf
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Total fees: 1.17% per annum

Yeah, no.
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