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Netflix vs DSTV (Pricing)
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Does anyone think there will be tariffs on Netflix in future? I found it funny that a massive corporation (aka monopoly) is asking the government for help but I guess that is what happens when you have no competition, you end up having no creativity.

Netfix is so much better than DSTV, at 10% of the cost!

I don't see DSTV surviving another 5 years.

I do not see DSTV surviving without some BS government restriction on Netflix in South Africa - It will probably be done under the banner of "saving jobs".

Showmax, will never be able to catch up because they do not have the money to spend on infrastructure what Netflix does. You know those funny buffering and stuff, edge nodes, CDNs and other technical stuff that costs a metric ton of money is what Netflix invests in. Same reason Youtube is so strong, the amount of money they spend on infrastructure to streamline the data delivery creates a major barrier to entry and competitive edge.

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