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Money mistakes to avoid in your 30s
Quote:I think just to have a plan in place and at least have an idea of what one should be saving and then begin with that in mind, pay your future-self first, put a lot less pressure on yourself for those months where you do perhaps want to go out and spend or splurge on something. If you have your savings taken care of, if you have your risk – something we haven’t spoken about – taken care of and your life and disability cover in place then the negative implication of a spend is to a large degree mitigated, so I would always say have a plan in place and once you’ve got that then the rest will become easy if you follow the plan.

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He mentions a couple of things that might seem obvious but are often ignored:

- weddings that are too expensive
- cars that are too expensive
- a house is an emotional choice so consider how long you'll live there (can you raise your kids in it?)

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